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I really enjoyed my experience there. At first, I hesitated as I had never tried acupuncture before, but I found it to be a very effective supplement to other treatments. They treated me for stress, lower back pain and allergies. I was amazed at how effective acupuncture can be and how wonderful it felt.

Kelly Blum

I could not recommend The Healing Touch enough! I have been going to them for over a year - for various reasons - including indigestion and addiction. They do a wonderful job! They make me feel completely comfortable and always know exactly what to do. They are an integral part of my recovery and I feel blessed to have them in my life.

Julius Coulson

How to get started

Step 1:

Knowing each other

We will meet for an informative meeting to get to know each other and understand the main problems you need to solve as a family.

Step 2:

Coming up with a plan

Creating the work plan together with a clear vision that will be best for each family member.

Step 3:

Starting the process

We will set up goals and schedule meetings so we can explain details about of the process.

Step 4:

Road to success

We will see results if we have the full cooperation and dedication of the whole family.

Parents share their
story and success

“Amy saved our family. Simple as that. My husband and I needed help with our children, and Amy was there to guide and help us all the way.”

“We became parents early, and we didn't know how to handle this grown-up world. Amy helped us to be better parents to our children and ourselves.”

“You are part of our family now. Thank you for the care and guidance. You taught us how to be better parents and to realize we can do it!”

What Our Members Say
“AB Space is a spectacular coworking space. Outstanding location, relaxing work environment and very friendly staff.”
Louis Wright, Freelancer

Rainbow Galaxy


Rainbow Galaxy


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