165 Wynwood


Welcome to the most exclusive, boutique building 165 Wynwood, where convenience of location meets urban charm, located in the heart of the city of Miami. Discover the vibrant wynwood neighborhood, where art, culture, and style come together to create a truly unique experience.

Based upon common themes expressed from the community dialogue, we came up with four main community discussion principles in which to focus on our recommendations: Coming Home, Building Home, Going Green and Getting Around.



To protect the cultural identity, expand upon the network of local businesses, and recognize + respond to the needs of Wynwood Norte as a multi-generational community.


To create context-sensitive development and compatible infill, diversify housing types suggest resiliency and displacement mitigation strategies.


To enhance the existing assets of civic + open space through access, maintenance and added amenities and propose new ways to incorporate more green amenities.


To enhance the existing assets of civic + open space through access, maintenance and added amenities and propose new ways to incorporate more green amenities.

Floor Plan

Wynwood has emerged as the vibrant heart of Miami:

  • Out-of-town visitors contributed an impressive $552 million in spending.
  • In 2022, more than 10 million visitors from afar flocked to Wynwood.
  • Wynwood boasts over 400 businesses, providing employment to over 5,000 individuals.
  • A staggering 20.96% of all public parking transactions in the city occur in Wynwood.
  • Recognized as the 111th top tourist destination in South Florida.
  • Notably, one out of every seven MICHELIN Guide restaurants in Miami can be found in Wynwood.

Fresh Faces in the Neighborhood

Wynwood has extended a warm welcome to a prestigious lineup of new office tenants spanning the realms of emerging tech, hedge fund management, institutional investors, and global luxury brands. Among our new neighbors are industry leaders like WeWork, Spot, Atomic, Founders Fund, Live Nation, Openstore, Slalom, Spaces, Field Trip, Industrious, and Schonfeld. Notably, Miami has achieved the 15th spot in the list of top startup ecosystems in the United States and ranks 30th globally, earning it the moniker “Silicon Valley of the South.”

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