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Improve your Answer Rates with Bluerock’s Caller ID / Branded ID solutions

Wireless carriers are using third-party data analytics to assess the risks associated with answering a call. If the caller or telephone number has a negative reputation, it will be labeled as SPAM, SPAM-Likely. Meaning that call will never get answered by anyone

Bluerock’s Caller ID/Branded ID solutions work to protect the reputation of your phone numbers and most importantly to increase your Live Answer Rates.

Bluerock Compared To Other Providers


Other Providers

Proven and Successful Caller ID Solutions

Caller ID Reputation and Branded Caller ID

Branded Caller ID Only – not all mobile providers

Proven Omni-Channel Contact Center Solutions

Many channels creating many opportunities! Easy to use solutions

Usually limited in the channels and some are not very user friendly

Complimentary Managed Services

All moves, adds and changes are part of our service offering

All moves, adds and changes
are FEE-BASED support models

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand-behind Our Performance Month-to-month agreements.

Most require annual contracts

Pay as you Go Pricing

Month-to-Month agreements and monthly user licenses

Many require annual agreements and user license fees prepaid upfront

Enhance your Communication Efforts

Proven and Successful Caller ID/Branded ID Solutions

Increase your Live Answer Rates. Customers are 200% more likely to answer a call if their mobile phone displays are free of Negative Labels (SPAM or SPAM Likely) or delivering a Branded ID.

Certified Caller (STIR/SHAKEN)

Bluerock certifies all customer calls with an “A” certification, allowing the phone company of the consumer receiving the call to verify that a call is in fact from the number displayed on Caller ID.

Sales Dialer

Predictive, Progressive, and Preview dialing strategies that are custom built to meet your business and revenue goals.

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Business Owner

The Bluerock Advantage

Now more than ever, success in business is achieved by truly finding the right business partners, with like-minded expectations and the zeal to deliver the best. At Bluerock, our best is a goal we look to attain every day. We believe in delivering workflow automation based on business intelligence that is supported by our complimentary managed services. Our business customers will quickly realize the competitive advantage Bluerock brings to every business relationship.

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