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What is BaakMart?

Because we love our planet, and it is our duty to preserve it and protect it from pollution and global warming as much as possible, and because today’s shoppers need more convenient and modern solutions that meet their desires and aspirations, our experts and engineers worked over long periods to find innovative solutions, as we created a shopping experience exciting and unique, can be called Green Shopping, to preserve the environment.

Why did we create BaakMart?

The future of selling is online, but it’s not always easy. There are enormous challenges and difficulties facing online sellers that our experts counted. Therefore, radical solutions are required, as our experts have worked for a long time to create BaakMart stores to help sellers overcome many of these challenges and difficulties, by displaying their products in actual stores, for a very reasonable monthly fee, and attracting many interested buyers to give them the opportunity to get to know these products in an actual and tangible way, and thus increase the opportunity to sell the products

Challenges face Online Sellers today

It’s 2023, and despite all the tremendous technological progress and scientific advancements, shopping is still somewhat traditional and does not consider the needs and desires of the contemporary shopper. It lacks distinction, creativity, and innovation, so most products are found online or displayed on store shelves today without the possibility of actually trying them

An imaginary tour in BaakMart Stores

Some stores may offer the opportunity to try some products before purchasing them, BUT in BaakMart, the shopping experience will make a BREAKTHROUGH in the way you view and experience products BEFORE purchasing them.

Register as an agency now

Did you know that many of our BaakMart sellers need help managing their Baak Slots, keeping track of their products, and staying up-to-date with our terms and conditions? That’s where you come in! By registering as a BaakMart Agency, you can start your own business and help sellers manage and optimize their Baak Slots and products.

why choose us

Get more sales

Reduce returned products,

Reduce negative reviews

Reduce advertising costs

Appear in the first pages in searh results

Expand to new markets

comparison between with BaakMart and without BaakMart:

With BaakMart:

  1. You will have your own actual store to display your products.
  2. At least 100,000 visitors will be able to see and try your product in each of our stores.
  3. Your product will appear on first pages in searh results.
  4. You don’t need to pay a lot of money on advertising.
  5. Less returned products.
  6. Less negative reviews.
  7. More sales.

Without BaakMart:

  1. You don’t have your own actual store to display your products.
  2. No actual visitors will be able to see and try your products.
  3.  You will face challenges to make your product appearing on
  4. You need to pay a lot of money on advertising.
  5.  More returned products.
  6.  More negative reviews.
  7. Less sales.

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