COVID-19 and the Importance of Testing

A year-plus of research, testing, and new coronavirus information have moved us along throughout this pandemic. This information has helped by teaching us about the life-saving safety precautions necessary to live in a world with COVID-19. Coronavirus cases are still high and prevalent among individuals throughout the county and the world, but regular testing can […]

The Future of Genetic Testing

It’s no secret that modern medicine is amazing. From developing a life-saving coronavirus vaccine in less than a year to performing robotic surgeries for precise accuracy, as well as genetic testing that reveals sicknesses we may develop, we are living in a genuinely miraculous time when it comes to healthcare and medicine. The Importance of […]

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COVID-19 and Mental Health Concerns in Children

Ensuring a healthy future for our children is every parent’s concern. Recently, behavioral health professionals have reported increasing numbers of children visiting emergency rooms with mental health concerns. “Behavioral health has become the epidemic within the pandemic,” says Leigh Youmans, who leads work on this issue at the Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association (MHA). A recent study in the […]