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Your backyard should be your sanctuary. At Creative Builds, we’re passionate about crafting functional, effective, and gorgeous decks for homeowners throughout the Austin area. Maximize your outdoor living space with a well-built deck customized to fit your family’s needs.

Do you have a patch of grass in the backyard that you’d love to turn into a beautiful place to wine and dine on a hot summer Texas night?

Have you been staring at your aging backyard deck wondering how to transform it?

Or maybe you’re building a new home and want help from master builders to add a stunning deck to your outdoor space.

Whatever the case, Creative Builds offers meticulously crafted decks that add value to your home.

Our Services

When you become a client of Tradera, you will have access to...

Deck, Pergola, Gazebo Build/Repair

Complete a deck rebuild or start from the ground up. High quality composites, woods, and metals to make an outdoor space for your home.


Anything from storage solutions, shelving, equipment, and more. Attention to important details for a lasting installation.

Custom Fabrication & Wood Furniture Restoration

Cheap & Cheerful or Extensive & Thorough – Have your build or restoration completed with pickup/delivery from your home to our workshop.

Door Installation & Repair

Exterior and interior door replacements & adjustments. Hardware installation and patio door replacement.

Window & Exterior Caulking

Using advanced silicones, you can receive a lasting waterproofing repair to your home, many with a warranty.

Rental Property Rehab

Long lists of repairs can be completed efficiently and timely. Detailed attention to high wear items and reliable service.

Custom Deck, Pergola, Gazebo Builds

Redefine your backyard with a stunning custom deck, pergola, or gazebo built by certified master crafters. Your imagination is the only limit for your backyard.


We not only design but also install your custom deck, one piece of wood at a time. Get a professional installation of your deck with help from the Creative Builds team.

Custom Fabrication & Restoration

Trust the experts for custom fabrication and restoration of your deck. We specialize in high quality fabrication and restoration solutions for handcrafted decks and more.

Door Installations & Repairs

In addition to our ability to create custom decks from scratch, we also provide door installations and repairs. Want a custom door built to lead outdoors to your beautiful backyard? We have you covered for that and so much more.

Window & Exterior Caulking

We use the industry’s best exterior caulking solutions to secure your windows and doors from the environment. Get lasting waterproofing that keeps your home safe and insulated.

Rental Property Rehab

Rental property owners understand the challenges of owning and managing a property well. Creative Builds can help with your long list of repairs to provide reliable and efficient support for your rental properties in Austin.

Invest in the value of your home or rental property with help from the Creative Builds team. We build using the highest quality materials on the market and perform our work with pride and passion. You can trust our dedicated team to craft a deck that is both functional and attractive.

Why Hire Creative Builds to Build Your Deck in Austin?

Every Build Comes with a 10-Year Warranty

We offer a 10-year Workmanship Warranty on every build, giving you peace of mind. Rest easy knowing that for the next decade we’ve got your back.

Built to State-of-The-Art Standards

From the materials we use to the industry practices we follow our custom deck builds are built to the industry’s highest standards. We understand that details matter, which is why we take every precaution to ensure that your deck and property are cared for like it was our own.

Engineer-Backed Designs

Each build we’re hired for is backed by engineer-level designs. We don’t put hammer to nail until your designs are vetted by engineering experts, to ensure that the final result is perfection.

Creative Builds

We believe that our job is not only to provide an attractive and industry-standard build, but also a creative one. We’re so passionate about it that we made it our name. You’ll always get a creative build when you hire our team.


We understand the importance of outfitting your property with a code-compliant deck. After all, you and your family will play, party, and relax on the deck we create. You can trust us to get the job done right.

Certified Master Deck Building Company

Not only are we experienced at building decks, but we also have the certification to back it up. Our certification ensures your build is high quality, up to industry standards, and always safe.

Superior Materials

Never compromising on quality, we use the absolute best materials in the industry to build your deck, repair your property, or restore it.

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