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About us

Crypto Elite Golf Club is a NFT project based on the Polygon Blockchain. Purchasing of the NFT grants you member-only access to current and future projects that blend golf and crypto. Most importantly, membership into the club connects you with like-minded individuals with similar values and a vision to connect the crypto world with the golf world.

Crypto Elite Golf club is a community-driven digital project focused on connecting the digital world with the real world. Throughout the whole process, each member will gain information on the whole crypto landscape including creating a wallet, purchasing an NFT, and even purchasing apparel using cryptocurrency. In person golf outings and social meetups will be welcomed to bring our members together!


Becoming a Crypto Elite Golf Club Member automatically enrolls you into two of the hottest industries: Crypto Digital Currency and Golf. Membership into the club connects you with like-minded individuals with similar values.

Your membership gives you…

  • Access to CEGC Discord
  • Member-only live or Virtual Crypto Elite Club Golf Outings
  • Discounts on Official CEGC Apparel
  • Input on the ultimate vision of a physical world Crypto Elite Club experience being anything from simulation tournaments to the building and design of the first CEGC course.


CEGC will build in three phases. Phase one will be focused on gaining new members. This phase will include the launch of all social media as well as our NFT membership. Phase two will begin the physical aspect of CEGC where we will begin our apparel line as well as begin our search for influential partners that will drive us to our ultimate goals. This phase is also where we will highlight our growing success by hosting out first annual CEGC Golf Outing- location TBD. The third phase is where we will strive to form partnerships with a top-rated PGA brand such as commonly known TaylorMade or Titleist. These partnerships will support us in continuing to build our brand as well as pave the road to new opportunities for our growing members.

Check out the roadmap below!

  • Launch Company Website
  • Create Discord
  • Create Instagram
  • Launch NFT Membership
  • 50 Members
  •  Launch Apparel Line
  • Partner with Key Influencers
  • 250 Members
  •  Host 1st CEGC Golf Outing
  • Partner with PGA Affiliated Brand
  • 1000 Members

How to become a member:

  • Create a digital wallet through metamask or trustwallet
  • Click on Opensea Link on website
  • Fund Wallet with Enough Ethereum to cover membership NFT Cost
  • Purchase NFT Digital Membership that you can view in your wallet
  •  Enjoy Perks of becoming a CEGC Member!

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