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Our vision is to nurture financial literacy within the cryptocurrency space with ground floor access to data-driven, reliable insights on newly listed coins, shared with you within 24 hours of their market launch. Timing is critical to succeed as a cryptocurrency investor, to reap the biggest financial rewards possible, you need to have your finger on the pulse. For our team, that is being based in Puerto Rico, which has seen an explosion of growth in the recent years of key players in the crypto world due to its favorable tax laws. Our team has been here for the better half of a decade working with some of North America’s leaders in the space to spot trends and be some of the first to know about new projects with proven teams in on order to relay reliable information on to you. But with the growth of digital currencies and Alt coins, we quickly realized it would be impossible for anyone to track the hundreds if not thousands launched daily, much less have the time to separate the “shit coins” from the gold

Daily Moon was thus born out of a personal drive to educate other investors with a consolidated and centralized news source they could count on. We simplify the tedious task of sifting through information on hundreds of new coins launching daily as our system collects and cross-checks trading platform data to ensure all information is timely and accurate. Our proprietary algorithm also provides subscribers with personalized, verified, crystal clear insights that they can easily access anytime, anywhere.

Our goal here is simple, to break down the raw data and present the facts in a way that will allow you to easily see which projects have the best potential to MOON. No longer will you need to dedicate your entire life to researching, analyzing, and hoping to find the next unicorn. Allow us to do the dirty work, so that you don’t have to fear missing the boat, when you hear that someone from your high school made a million dollars off of a $100 investment into some coin because they thought, “the name was cute.”

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