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The digital landscape of our world is ever-changing, and rather than just keeping up, we at Demodash strive to be at the epicenter of that change – constantly raising the bar and setting new standards. From ideation to delivery, we develop software solutions that break barriers and redefine what it means to be efficient in this modern age.

We specialize in rapid software prototyping and custom machine learning models, supporting organizations in need of robust automation that can solve problems at scale. We make it our priority to dash toward efficient and elegant solutions – cultivating software with an intuitive, user-friendly interface, which serves as an expression of our commitment to the synergy between innovative engineering and artistic design.

Our Team

Vahid Eyorokon
Parrissa Eyorokon
COO/Customer success
Ben Obringer
software engineer

Recent Work


--DeScribe: A multi-step processing pipeline for extracting structured information from scanned documents. Designed using microservices and built on kubernetes, the architecture is secure, resilient, and can scale underlying services dynamically up or down to maximize performance while minimizing cost. Using multiple custom built machine learning models, the resulting pipeline is capable of processing thousands of pages per second.


--Synth: A tool to automate the process of collecting labeled data for machine learning models by synthesizing vast amounts of data. It can be scaled to thousands of synthesis processes to generate hundreds of millions of labeled instances in a matter of days. Synth is successfully used by the United States Air Force / ACT3 to generate over 200 million instances for a custom state-of-the-art object detection model, achieving unparalleled performance.

Image Annotator

--Image Annotator: A simple, elegant, and modern web app with an interface that performs object detection and annotates images. Users can then modify or add their own annotations before exporting the result into PowerPoint slides.

Our Services

dev ops & kubernetes
software development

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