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Examples of benefits reported by satisfied clients are given below:

Digitalisation. Operating Model Digitalisation:

50% core legacy systems decommissioning, and 80% services re-usability reducing cost-income ratio below 50%.

Revenue Growth Strategies.

Enabled growth of the customer base by 50% and 40% revenue increase in one year.

Business Consolidation/Integration and Automation.

Significantly improved financial performance with group underlying profit more than doubled to £6.2 billion.

Innovative Operating Model Implementation.

Led to immediate reduced division basis by 45% for stronger profit contribution, and operational productivity increased by 40%.

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Cost Reduction Strategies™

Centralisation, economy of scale, outsourcing, offshoring, automation, process improvement, architecture solutions, lean strategies.

Business Process Framework™

Process Business Architecture, Lean Six Sigma Methodologies, Process Maps, Customer Journey Strategies, Process Value Chain, BPO Strategies and BPM Strategies.

Competitive Advantage, Differentiation and Niche Creation Strategies. Digitalisation™

Target Operating Models Design/Implementation™

Operating Model Maturity Model, As-Is and To-Be Designs, Definition of Road-map, KPIs/Metrics and Dashboards, Capacity Model, Capability Model, Governance Model, Credit & Control Models, Regulatory Implementation Strategies, Data Management Models, Data Governance, Technology Architecture, Legacy System Decommission Model, Business Analysis, Customer Journey Strategies. Process Improvement (BPI) can have several different names: business process management (BPM), process re-engineering, continual improvement processes (CIP) and robotic process automation (RPA)

Strategy and Transformation™

With this brand, you will have a strong partner, with shared service values, who will help to drive your business forward to achieve your strategic goals. This brand is a transformational business process services provider and our approach is to simplify inherited operations, business processes and IT architecture through transformation. All services also include reporting.

Our process: DIY guided framework or We Do it For You.


TCS Consulting


Excellent help to support the re-structuring of the Middle Office function. Her work was excellent when delivering a Operating Models’ components to successfully help to the execution.



Excellent help to support the re-structuring of the Middle Office function. Her work was excellent when delivering a Operating Models’ components to successfully help to the execution.



“A huge thanks for executing a highly important migration project. I especially appreciate the focus and attention to detail which resulted in the cutover of the service from X25 to IP/DFC delivery being flawless in execution – our customers have been blissfully unaware of the behind the scenes infrastructure and data changes which were executed. In consequence of your work we are now 80% of the way towards delivering Network Convergence for all Global Stock Markets, and our customers are now receiving a delay-free service. A major achievement -well done”


Over 20 year helping organisations to successfully identify, execute and realise benefits.

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