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Examples of benefits reported by satisfied clients are given below:

Digitalisation. Operating Model Digitalisation:

50% core legacy systems decommissioning, and 80% services re-usability reducing cost-income ratio below 50%.

Revenue Growth Strategies.

Enabled growth of the customer base by 50% and 40% revenue increase in one year.

Business Consolidation/Integration and Automation.

Significantly improved financial performance with group underlying profit more than doubled to £6.2 billion.

Innovative Operating Model Implementation.

Led to immediate reduced division basis by 45% for stronger profit contribution, and operational productivity increased by 40%.


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Cost Reduction Strategies™

Centralisation, economy of scale, outsourcing, offshoring, automation, process improvement, architecture solutions, lean strategies.

Business Process Framework™

Process Business Architecture, Lean Six Sigma Methodologies, Process Maps, Customer Journey Strategies, Process Value Chain, BPO Strategies and BPM Strategies.

Competitive Advantage, Differentiation and Niche Creation Strategies. Digitalisation™

Target Operating Models Design/Implementation™

Operating Model Maturity Model, As-Is and To-Be Designs, Definition of Road-map, KPIs/Metrics and Dashboards, Capacity Model, Capability Model, Governance Model, Credit & Control Models, Regulatory Implementation Strategies, Data Management Models, Data Governance, Technology Architecture, Legacy System Decommission Model, Business Analysis, Customer Journey Strategies. Process Improvement (BPI) can have several different names: business process management (BPM), process re-engineering, continual improvement processes (CIP) and robotic process automation (RPA)

Strategy and Transformation™

With this brand, you will have a strong partner, with shared service values, who will help to drive your business forward to achieve your strategic goals. This brand is a transformational business process services provider and our approach is to simplify inherited operations, business processes and IT architecture through transformation. All services also include reporting.


TCS Consulting


Excellent help to support the re-structuring of the Middle Office function. Her work was excellent when delivering a Operating Models’ components to successfully help to the execution.



Excellent help to support the re-structuring of the Middle Office function. Her work was excellent when delivering a Operating Models’ components to successfully help to the execution.



“A huge thanks for executing a highly important migration project. I especially appreciate the focus and attention to detail which resulted in the cutover of the service from X25 to IP/DFC delivery being flawless in execution – our customers have been blissfully unaware of the behind the scenes infrastructure and data changes which were executed. In consequence of your work we are now 80% of the way towards delivering Network Convergence for all Global Stock Markets, and our customers are now receiving a delay-free service. A major achievement -well done”

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