Who We Are & What We Do:

We are an investment company currently specializing in the management of short-term rental properties in the Alabama area. We are committed to creating divine partnerships and luxurious living for our clients.

Why Us?

ESH is the Hebrew term for FIRE. Fire represents the presence of the divine. What makes a living space sacred is the cleanliness of the entire atmosphere from surfaces to visual orientation. We prioritize guest satisfaction through security, cleanliness, decorative choice, and resources that will enhance the quality of life during our guests’ stay. Our bond is strengthened as we strive to deliver impeccable services that meet the unique needs and expectations of our clients all the time.

AMBER Vincent

As a highly driven-to-succeed entrepreneur and business owner, Amber Vincent is the CEO and founder of ESH LUXE INVESTMENTS LLC, a startup investment company focusing on property management of short-term rental (STR) properties. Amber is an ambitious real estate businesswoman, passionate about developing homes that give a magnificent, dignified, and luxurious feel. Her goal is to provide a glorious experience for her guests and partners, and their satisfaction is her driving force.

Born and raised in Jackson, MS, for 15 years, Amber has lived in Alabama for the rest of her life, and the opportunity to serve her community makes her career most meaningful. She holds a BS in broadcast journalism and Public Relations, which has helped her develop an analytical mind and learn to socialize and form profound and candid professional relationships with clients. Her prior experience in operations management helped her build a strong reputation for her perceptive appreciation of clients’ needs, commitment to meeting them, and pursuit of excellence in service delivery.

Amber nurtured her love for real estate at a young age, learning the art and maxims of the industry from the lens of her father, an established home builder. Leveraging her skills and expertise and the support of a good management team, she hopes to grow and steer her business to its full potential. With her extensive knowledge of the local markets, love for real estate, and desire to serve clients in a place she has called home for so long, Amber possesses an enviable work ethic and a knack for results.
Though she has immense experience under her belt, her calm demeanor, positive mindset, ability to go over and beyond, make things work no matter what, and inspire confidence in others are her true fortes. She is committed to fulfilling her financial goals to pursue her dream of creating a community of scholars in the field of higher education by establishing a university.

Outside her busy career schedule, Amber volunteers for One Community Outreach United, a non-profit in Prattville, Al. She is enthusiastic about fashion modeling, filmmaking, screenwriting, educational development, orchestrating events, home design, painting, and health and wellness.

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