Today’s Education Systems are not preparing us for tomorrow’s problems


Learning Design incorporates learning with technology to keep pace with the changing ecosystems

Hi, I am Farid Azar.

I design Education and Learning systems for public and private sectors

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a human-centred mindset and approach to learning and problem-solving.

Conventional learning styles are analytical and focused, while in Design Thinking, learners are encouraged to take an out-of-the-box stance to enquiry.

Design Thinking starts with empathy and curiosity.

A design process is a structured approach to identifying challenges, gathering information, generating potential solutions, and refining ideas.

The process is circular by nature and demands iteration.

Design-based curricula invite cross-disciplinary teams to explore new ideas and devise solutions.

Design Thinking involves highly collaborative activities where students gather information, generate knowledge, and communicate findings.

Design Thinking has proved efficient at the activity, project, course scale.

Learning Design

Learning sciences

Learning sciences go beyond the limits of general learning principles; it instead focuses on essential concepts and looks for evidence of learning in any situation.

Learning sciences studies learning systems like systems that integrate materials, technologies, teacher professional development, assessments, leadership engagement.

Learning sciences involves researching and testing learning in real-world situations, guided by constructivist, social-constructivist, socio-cognitive, and socio-cultural learning theories.

Learning Sciences is an interdisciplinary field aiming to progress scientific, humanistic and critical theoretical understanding of learning.

Using technology creatively, Learning Sciences designs innovative approaches to learning and assessment.

The learning sciences field is committed to addressing equity and empowering learners

Learning sciences seek to understand how learning happens in different places.

learning sciences believes that learning is active, socially constructed, and situated

Technology and Human-Centred Design


Data-Driven Design

Technology and Human-Centred Design

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