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Fei Tian College has been chartered as a spiritually-affiliated non-public, non-profit education corporation by the New York State Board of Regents with authorization to operate postsecondary educational programs since June 21, 2011.

Our Mission

Consistent with its mission and educational features, Fei Tian College has developed the following Institutional Learning Outcomes. These seek to ensure the success of undergraduate students both in their college years and beyond:

Students will develop depth of knowledge specific to their field of study, including the methods, practices, and competencies of the field.

Students will demonstrate an ability to critically gather, evaluate, and analyze information so that they may make informed judgements,  solve problems in real-world settings, and engage in ongoing personal and professional development.

Students will demonstrate an awareness of classical virtues, and how these may be applied towards the betterment of self and community.

Students will demonstrate the ability to develop productive professional relationships through effective communication and appropriate interpersonal engagement.

Students will develop knowledge of and perspectives on civilization through the study of history, literature, and the arts spanning from antiquity to the present.

Students will develop employable skills and utilize the tools, methods, and practices of their field in a professional or real-world setting.

Our difference

Fei Tian is proud to count among its graduates a multitude of world-class artists who have distinguished themselves in international competitions and by their professional placements in leading performance companies. Five features define Fei Tian’s approach to education and are interwoven throughout its undergraduate programs:


Attention to the fundamentals of one’s art or program of study

Fostering the ability to think critically and engage in life-long learning

Providing significant performance experience before graduation

A well-rounded general education that is rich in the humanities

Developing moral reasoning and ethical awareness

Great classical arts atmosphere in dance and music, at the same time offers career oriented science programs, such as BS in Data Science and Biomedical Science. A safe and peaceful environment for getting a Bachelor's degree.
Phoebe C
I was very impressed with the quality of the students and the faculties. It is great to see a college takes on the challenge of the healthcare crisis in the United States by providing integrative health education at the college level.
Jingduan Yang
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