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When you Buy New 75% goes to you!

Discounts on New Homes are available if you know how to get them! Learning More is Fast and FREE

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Guaranteed Money for the Home Buyers we work with!

Good News! We work with ALL of the Home Builders you may be considering buying from:

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Before you go to view homes in any new home subdivision you’re interested in, please fill in the information above and click Start Here to learn more.


Myself or a member of my team will contact you to confirm your request. If we’re a good fit, you’ll receive the confirmation email with your certificate to get your Guaranteed Money at Closing!


The home builder pays our commission, and you’re Guaranteed to get 75% of that commission at closing!

In this Housing Market, you need every advantage you can get!

There are BIG Discounts available on New Homes, if you know how to get them!

New Home Builders DO NOT give a better price if you don’t have a realtor.

What most people don’t know, is they can get ADDITIONAL discounts when they have a realtor that’s willing to share their commission. When we represent you as your Realtor, we share our commission with you.

…Giving you 75% of our commission!…Because you located the home.

You can be getting money from the Builder and from us.

We work with ALL New Construction Home Builders. Remember, the builder DOES NOT negotiate a better price if you don’t have a Realtor, so don’t pass up this opportunity to potentially save Tens of Thousands of Dollars, simply click the “Start Here” button on the top of this webpage to learn more.

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