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Combining skill, expertise, and a track record of success to provide high-quality risk assessment services to companies the world over.

What Is Risk Assessment?

Risk assessment refers to the way in which we calculate the chances of certain events or situations occurring. In business terms, that means assessing the entirety of the company and the broader ecosystem in which you operate, to highlight where something negative could happen, and how your business would be impacted. The importance of risk assessment cannot be overstated: knowing in advance what to do if energy prices suddenly rise, or if your main supplier goes out of business, for example, can give you time to prepare – and that could mean the difference between very rocky waters and smooth sailing.


Ready for Anything

At Gesamt Risk Assessment, we know how important it is for any business to fully understand the market in which they operate. That does not just include competitors, suppliers, and customers but the broader environment of potential risks to the company.

Effective risk management puts the power in your hands: the power to avoid negative impacts and mitigate risks to your operations and growth and the power to get ahead of your competition by making moves to turn industry-wide risks into a positive aspect.

No two companies are exactly the same, and while you may share certain external risks with your competitors, the impacts of those risks on your business could be very different. Our services are designed to take into account your precise situation, your strengths, and your weaknesses to create a completely unique assessment of risks and impacts and identify strategic opportunities for risk mitigation.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you to prepare your company to deal with risk and identify opportunities.

About Us

Gesamt Risk Assessment is comprised of a team of expert and experienced risk assessment professionals – all of whom built their careers in top-five global risk advisory companies. We have a decades-long collected track record of successfully assessing risk and advising businesses across the world and providing outstanding results.

Our firm is headquartered in Salzburg, Austria, and operates globally with a focus on offering enterprise risk management services to small and medium-sized corporations.


Our Values

As a company, we hold ourselves to three core values that inform everything that we do. Those core values are as follows:


To always deal with clients, partners, and other individuals with the utmost respect, transparency, and open communication.


All of our work is underpinned by our definition of professionalism: quality, efficiency, skill, and honesty.


We are not confined to offering common or standard advice. Instead, we aim to break the mold and offer solutions and recommendations that are as effective as they are bold and innovative.
We apply those values across all of our work and our communications, ensuring that we bring the same focus on client satisfaction to every project that we undertake.


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