Supplies cloud optimization to AI companies and any highly dedicated GPU need companies.

Using state of the art technology we supply GPU dedicated services at dramatically lower prices than any existing cloud services on the market.

Optimize cloud service with Innovation.

We supply optimized cloud services for AI companies.

reduced costs

dedicated GPU cloud services can take a lot of cost our cloud services reduces it to almost half. Using our innovative technology you will get dedicated service suitable for training / operating your data.

Higher Performance per $

Our gpu performances have average FP16 and FP32 much higher than the one used in the market

5 minute installation

with quick installation you’ll get all the services you need for AI computing on the machine the process takes only several minutes.

no commitment

you can rent service hourly / daily no need for any long term commitment from your end you can use it for training or production

Fast integration from existing cloud services to ours

Our cloud services support

all the software that you need on any platform to accomplish your AI tasks


Apache Spark MLlib





Apache Mahout




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