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Greuv will give agents the ability to post a listing from anywhere at any time within minutes that can be seen by other agents. In addition, Greuv will give agents the ability to post a homebuyer in the same manner.


The Greuv Algorithm System will automatically begin the search for a Match to your posted property or buyer.


Once a Match has be found, Greuv will notify the representing agent in real time. This will give the agent the option to begin communicating with the other agent via the in-app messenger which will bring both parties one step closer to closing the deal.

App Features

Real Time Property Feeds

Receive property listings from anywhere in the world, the moment they are posted into Greuv. Simply input and/or adjust the desired zip codes and watch the feeds come through.

EZ Property Post

Select the post tab from anywhere at anytime, take or select pictures, then complete the quick and easy input form and you're all set! Not only can your property be seen by anyone anywhere, Greuv will also be actively searching for a qualified homebuyer to pair your property with.

EZ Homebuyer Post

For the first time ever, an agent can post their homebuyer client by inputting their search criteria and qualifying information. Once inputted, Greuv will keep an active search going 24/7 whether you're working or not.

Agent to Agent In-App Messenger

Communicate with ease with other agents. Whether you're inquiring about the status of the property that popped up in your feed or you're responding to a client match generated by Greuv, the agent to agent in-app messenger feature will make communication both easy and efficient.

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Greuv is a multiple listing service app that uses an unique algorithm to help its agent users match their clients with prospective buyers and sellers.


To be and remain the most effective agent 2 agent tool used for pairing homebuyers and home sellers from anywhere in the real estate marketplace.


Greuv will give agents the capability to see and reach beyond the boundary lines. With Greuv, an agent can now market their business completely across the board without any restrictions.

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