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We ensure we find our clients the right people and our candidates the right career move.

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How we work

Our strategy

Guyan & Associates are renowned for delivering high calibre candidates to the leading building services contractors. We plan to build on our solid reputation and expand across the building services pre-conceptual, design and maintenance sectors, allowing us to deliver a full lifecycle service. Our long term vision is to cover all areas of M&E, including rail, oil and gas and renewable energy.


We choose to work with a select client base so that we can concentrate on really get to know you and your requirements. We will only introduce candidates that we feel will truly fit and, in turn, offer them the best career opportunities.


Integrity is important to us. We will never approach staff from our clients to place them elsewhere, and if we are approached by an individual we encourage them to discuss and resolve any issues. We will only actively target the staff of companies we do not represent.

Client criteria…

We love to work with companies that share our outlook and ethics – we also look for the following criteria in our selected clients: genuine career opportunities; training and development; low staff turnover; reputation within the industry; project desirability; nationwide coverage; salary and remuneration package; flexible benefits; effectiveness of recruitment process; payment terms and the opportunity to work with international divisions within the company group.

Tailored service…

We pride ourselves on being able to offer clients a truly tailored service which can meet the demands of ever-changing recruitment needs. Whether your recruitment campaign is for a highly confidential search assignment, a team placement for a prestigious project or everyday contingency, we provide a bespoke solution to meet your needs.

How we can help…

Executive search

Our highly trained consultants can spend designated time, retained by the client, to specifically seek out the exacting individual.

Joint Advertising

Using client profiles to advertise vacancies, deal with all applications, saving you time and money.

Open days

Beneficial for mass recruitment or major projects, working with clients to interview candidates on a large scale.



Regularly notifying of candidates we believe will be of interest and liaising with candidates on our extensive database.

Video conferencing

By short listing candidates we believe will be of interest to our overseas clients, we can arrange interviews via video conferencing.


Advice for candidates

If you already know you’d like to work with Guyan and Associates… tell us about yourself now and upload your CV.

More about the way we work...

At Guyan and Associates we pride ourselves in recognising the individuality of our candidates’ requirements.

Taking care to measure and match goals and aspirations as well as salary and remuneration, our professional and transparent approach will ensure a seamless transition to your exciting new career move.

They’ll be no shortage of Recruitment companies keen to talk to prospective candidates, making sure you choose the right representation is an extension of who you are.

“Your qualifications are a given, your personality is an asset.”

A few reasons why we believe Guyan & Associates are best equipped to represent our industries specialists:

100% client retention

Our clients work with us on a repetitive basis, we work closely with the companies we will introduce you to.

97% of candidates we shortlist are interviewed by our recommended clients

We have a proven understanding of the Building Services Market.

80% of candidates interviewed are offered the position

We generate genuine opportunities.

70% of successful applicants accept a new role

In recruitment the industry average is calculated at 1 in 3.

A massive 99.8% retention of candidates fulfilling the probationary period

We work with the best of intention towards both client and candidate.

Candidate Interview questions

Smart interview questions help you land that new job

Interviews are a two-way process: a chance for the interviewer to ask questions all about you and your experience, but also your opportunity to find out if this is an organisation you would want to work for.
One way to up your chances of securing that amazing new job is by asking the right interview questions! This demonstrates your genuine interest in the company and can often confirm your qualifications as a good candidate for the job. So, when the obligatory “do you have any questions?” rears its head at the end of an interview, don’t be left scratching yours! Do you research beforehand, jot down any budding questions in a notebook and confidently ask away.
Here’s a few smart questions to get you one step closer to interview success…

Interview questions for… the first step on the career ladder

This shows you’re interested in the business as a whole, not just your own situation/job. Depending on what they’ve already told you (and what you’ve already discovered from their website), you could always focus a specific area, such as:
• Turnover and size
• Plans for expansion
• The company culture and management style
• Working environment
• Staff turnover rate
• M&E clients they work with
• Specific mechanical & electrical projects they’re working on
• Future plans for the company

This is a great to chance to find out who you’ll be working in close proximity to, on a daily basis. Good colleagues really can make a job! This will also give you an idea of the M&E team size and structure too – you could ask how many M&E project engineers, designers or quantity surveyors work for the company.

Ask the interviewer to describe a typical day in the job and your responsibilities. This will allow you to fully understand the position and what’s expected of you – that way they’ll be no crossed wires, or unexpected surprises, if you end up being offered the job.

A need to know question, which also shows you’re keen to expand your knowledge and ultimately grow with the employer. If you have specific qualifications in mind, such as: APMP, HNC Engineering or BIM training, that you’d like to be supported for, ask what courses other members of the team are currently doing.

Interview questions for… advancing your career in the construction industry

This shows you appreciate the importance of delivering real results in the M&E construction industry and understand the value of commitment, reliability and returns.

It’s worth finding out how this job fits into the company’s long-term plans, especially if you are looking for a defined career path. Being ambitious, with a drive and desire to progress within the company, is admirable. And if there isn’t room to step up, you’ll need to consider your options.

The perfect question to tie up the interview and one you should 100% ask if you want to secure the job! This shows your forward thinking and keen to move along in the interview process. You may also find out how many other people are in the running for the position and timescales for second interviews etc.

Interview questions for… those at the top of the career ladder

This show you’re confident with a keen interest in the guts of the role. It will also give you a good idea of the level of M&E projects the company is working on. Feel free to ask about typical M&E project values, sectors and services installed.

Taking it to a personal level will encourage the interviewer to fess up about his or her feelings and possibly give a unique insight into satisfaction levels. If they easily roll off a list of positives, it’s a good sign! However, if it’s a struggle and their body language closes down, this could be a red flag!

Do your research and show off your interest and knowledge in the construction industry the company operates in. Obviously your question will be relevant to the individual organisation, so could be related to mergers, losses, recent project wins, awards etc.

The fact you are already looking at the broader goals of the department and wider company show you have fantastic leadership skills and are also keen to be part of the M&E team from day one.

This ballsy question shows you are open to taking constructive criticism on the chin, whilst also using every opportunity as a chance to learn and develop. It also gives you, perhaps a last attempt, to quash any doubts the interviewee may have about you, confidently address weaknesses and end the interview on high – by highlighting exactly why you believe you’re the right person for the job.


Looking for people

We are proud to work with the best candidates in the M&E Building Services industry – from Chartered Engineers and innovative Designers to highly qualified Project Managers and Quantity Surveyors.

How do we attract and retain the best candidates in the M&E industry?

• By understanding the client’s specific requirements
• Promoting working ethics with integrity – which encourages recommendations
• Networking and continual research within the Mechanical & Electrical Building Services industry (Market knowledge)
• Actively approaching individuals working for our Clients’ competitors
• Regularly cleansing and updating our database
• Ensuring adverts placed in the press and online are clear, accurate and honest
• Thorough interviews, reference checks and verification of qualifications, accreditations and memberships

How to ace an interview and land the job

It’s all in the planning…
Job interviews can be nerve wracking and exciting in the same breath, especially if you’ve worked with your current employer for some time. But be assured, there are a number of things that you can do that will help make the experience more relaxing and give you back a little control.

Preparation – Do your research! Google the company online, talk to anyone you know who already works there and digest any literature you have. Your dedicated consultant will be full of knowledge and won’t mind if you grill them for further information. It’s also worth preparing answers to standard question, such as: what are your strengths and weaknesses? Why do you want to work here?

Bring your CV and interview pack – Once you’ve received your Guyan & Associates interview pack, check you are happy with the information on your CV. Always take the pack along to the interview and refer to you CV to keep you on track while you talk job history. You’ll also find note paper and a pencil in your pack – perfect for taking any relevant notes on things discussed during the process. Don’t forget to bring any design work or portfolio, if applicable.

Think of some relevant questions – In nearly all interviews you will have the chance to ask your own questions. Take full advantage of this by preparing smart questions in advance, such as: company structure, who would you be working with, company history, turnover and size, and about future progression. This will not only impress the hiring manager, but will help you figure out if this is the perfect fit for you.

Plan your journey – Familiarise yourself with the location of your interview, prior to the day – you can even do a test run the night before so you’re confident you know the route and where to park. Ensure you calculate the length of time it will take you to get there, and allow extra time in case of traffic and parking issues. If you’re happy to wing it on the day, don’t just rely on your smartphone for directions – technology can malfunction, so printing directions is always a good back up plan.

Punctuality – Is a must! Arrive ten minutes early to allow time to relax and gather your thoughts, too early can also be considered rude and put pressure on the interviewer, so if you are exceptionally early wait outside or camp out at a local café.

Dress to impress – Smart clothing is essential in making a great first impression. Polish your shoes, make sure your suit has been dry-cleaned (in advance) and check you don’t have unknown tiny Weetabix handprints on you when you leave the house. All documents (CVs, portfolio etc.) should be neatly stored in a briefcase or bag. Avoid cartoon ties, excess jewellery or heavy makeup.

Do the sniff test – Avoid smoking just before any meeting, equally strong foods, coffee or that quick half a pint for Dutch courage should be avoided. Any adverse smells can be intoxicating in a close room.

Befriend the receptionist – They are generally the eyes and the ears of the company, so take time to be polite, perhaps ask how long they’ve worked for the company and what type of company they are like to work for.

Shake hands with confidence – It is common practice to shake with your right hand, a nice firm grip (not squeeze) whilst looking in to the recipients eyes. A lacklustre handshake can often be perceived as a lack of confidence and enthusiasm, and can be a big no-no in an interview situation.

Positive attitude – Come with your A game! Confidence, a positive attitude and a genuine interest in the role will set you apart from the competition. So even if your skillset matches the other candidates, your passion will stand you apart! Smile, consider the words you use and take care not to be slanderous towards your current employer. A positive attitude develops a positive atmosphere.

Consider the interviewer – The interviewer may also be an employee, it’s worth asking them a bit about themselves, their background, their progression within the company, how long they have worked for the company etc. Not only will this give you a greater understanding of the opportunities available but it will also help you to build a rapport. But be careful to politely ask and not to drill. Remember, the interviewer may also be nervous too!

Close – When the interview has come to an end, use the opportunity to ask the interviewer if they have any reservations about you, a more relaxed way to asked this could be: “can you see me fitting in (Company name)” or perhaps asking what the next stage would be and letting the interviewer know that you are very keen on the role.

When to discuss package – When it comes to salary, the best place to start is with your dedicated consultant. They will give you an honest and realistic idea of salary expectations. Quite often, the perception of where to start negotiations is clouded and your consultant can help you get a clearer picture – taking into account everything the role has to offer including: basic salary, bonus schemes, car package, holiday entitlement, pension and flexible working.

About Us

Guyan & Associates Ltd was established in 2007 by husband & wife team, James & Natalie Guyan. Once rival recruiters, for two M&E construction specialist agencies, they would often spot each others name in their client’s visitors books. Luckily, the pair joined forces and were married in 2009. They now have two children together.

After becoming disillusioned with big corporate ‘bums-on-seats’ recruiters, they decided to combine their passion and create a recruitment company with strong principles, integrity and a focus on quality, not quantity.

Bringing a total of 30-years of experience in M&E recruitment,and a network spanning the UK, they hit the ground running and quickly built a solid reputation as an industry-leading recruiter.

They believe the secret to their success is the strong, trusted, relationships they have with clients and candidates, alike. That, and the fact it’s not just a job to them, it’s a way of life – and they eat, sleep and breathe it.

• We ensure we find our clients the right people and our candidates the right career move

• We listen to your individual requirements, working hard to match not just your skills, but your personality and work-life balance requirements

• We represent industry specialist. From graduate to CEO level and work with both award-winning market leaders and up-and coming businesses

• Effective recruitment means we only introduce you to the client that we feel match skills, experience and personality.


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