At HearPointRx , our goal is to make the transition to OTC Hearing Aids as easy as possible. Provided a one stop shop to independent pharmacies across America.

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In our combined 50 years of hearing healthcare experience, we’ve learned that just having access to product is not enough. To take advantage of this tremendous revenue opportunity, we will provide the tools needed to help drive new customers to your pharmacy and deliver an exceptional product that will increase your bottom line.

Why HearPointRx?

In today’s changing markets, business have to be flexible in their thinking as to what falls into their areas of specialty. You studied hard and trained hard to be a pharmacist – not a hearing aid dispenser. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of the new ruling on OTC hearing products.

Studies Show people wait 7-10 years after first noticing symptoms to seeking help. You, as an independent pharmacy, are in a unique position to treat hearing loss to these same people before they choose to seek help through typical routes. You have built these relationships over the years and your customers are already comfortable with you and your staff.

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What HearPointRx provides?

You pride yourself on being different from the big-box stores and retail pharmacies. Your service is meant to be personal, meaningful, and unique. Your appeal is different from the “corporate” model. HearPointRx brings our years of consulting the independent hearing health care channel to independent pharmacy. You don’t have to spend years figuring this out! You have your expertise, and we have ours. Our program is only available to independent pharmacies who want to remain strong. Mass retailers and the franchise pharmacies

HearPointRx gives you access to the following:


We have partnered up with one of the biggest hearing aid manufacturers in the United States to supply a premium user-friendly over the counter hearing aid. We believe it is very important to provide a quality product with full support and a variety of warranty options so that patients go home satisfied with their purchase.

Advisory services

We provide a customize solution to each location so that implementing over the counter hearing aids will be seamless.

Marketing services

HearpointRx has a suite of marketing services to help get your name out there. Whether you choose our informational videos, direct mail pieces or email and texting campaigns, our marketing department is ready at your disposal to help get the word out. We designed marketing material and approaches that will not be available to big box stores.

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