Feeling tired?...

Burnt out?...

Experiencing Unexplained Body Pain?...

You are not alone.

In the wake of deeply distressing events that continue to occur to us, to our society, and to our planet:

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We are all experiencing collective trauma.

Trauma roots itself deeply into our physical and subtle bodies, causing imbalances and disturbances to the mind, the body, and the spirit that may manifest as unexplained or recurring symptoms.

Symptoms are messages from the body.

Headaches, fatigue, chronic body pain and chronic conditions, recurring illness, psychological/emotional disturbances, spiritual detachment, and disconnection from our higher self can all be the result of experiencing trauma.

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My purpose as a trauma-informed practitioner is to:

value your experience and create a safe container to help you process and move through stored trauma, so that you can invite in ease, restoration, and release. Customized sessions offered virtually + in person.

establish body autonomy and nervous system stabilization by using an integrative framework I have developed that combines restorative yoga, intuitive body movement and somatics, so that you can gently move through and process stored trauma.

educate, empower, and inspire you with traditional teachings rooted in yoga philosophy and the principles of ayurveda so that you can learn to balance yourself with nutrition and day-to-day activities that restore harmony to specific energy centers.

offer you support, guidance, and encouragement while we explore this gentle, unwinding process together so that you can access inner peace, equanimity, and reconnect to your higher self.

….and much more

Whether or not you may identify an experience as “traumatic” from your past or even the present, here’s a hard truth: Trauma is often intersectional and intergenerational and is much more common than we have been led to believe.

The society in which we currently live does not offer the environment to facilitate the slow, delicate, unwinding process that is needed to address the root causes of burnout, stress, and an over-worked nervous system.


Since the industrial revolution, our society has shifted the expectation of our existence from human “being” into human “doing”.

We are always on the go, racing the clock, experiencing stress that our nervous system is not designed to sustain.

It’s no wonder that 90% of illness and disease is caused by stress. Compounded with trauma, its no wonder we all are feeling the effects in our physical and subtle bodies.

Regardless of what your own unique spirituality, belief system, activity level, gender identity or body type may be: Yoga is an amazing, beautiful practice that can be utilized as a vehicle to access the deeper parts of self.

You found my site for a reason.

The Studio

My home studio is an oasis for relaxation.

● The open, airy floor plan and layout offers amazing views of wooded nature and wildlife, as well as waterfront scenery helping you unwind, destress, and achieve deep relaxation and relief from tension

● Indoor plants help to purify the air quality and also provide a soothing presence.

● Access to mats, blocks, straps, bolsters, and additional comfort items are also available, making your customized yoga routine as comfortable and achievable as possible

● Aromatherapy and myofascial release props are an added service to the sessions and help aid in deeper relaxation and revitalization so that you can walk away from each session with a clear mind, relaxed body, and elevated sense of being.

What to Expect

Each session I will greet you with warmth and intention and offer you a glass of water, so that you feel welcomed and can allow ease and relaxation to flow effortlessly.

We begin first by placing belongings in a designated area- smartphones, smartwatches, etc. It’s important to be distraction free.

As we transition to our practice, we first discuss how you are feeling: physically, mentally, etc. and begin identifying areas you are storing tension or stress.


Pranayama- roughly translated to mean “breathing technique”, will improve your mental, physical + spiritual health and assist you into deeper self-observance. You can apply these techniques in daily life to achieve better self-regulation techniques and stress management, so that you can take the benefits of your practice with you everywhere you go and into whatever you may face.

Custom Yoga Flow/ Body Movement

Each session you attend is intentionally catered to address the areas that you have limited mobility, added stress and stored tension, in the chakral + the physical bodies, making your experience during sessions completely your own.


I flow with my students while I teach, but I also come off my own mat and provide additional support and guidance in the form of physical adjustments as well. I use my hands, feet, legs, and back to help assist students into proper body alignment in order to achieve the maximum benefit of each pose and to feel fully supported.

Myofascial Release

As an add-on service or included in the 90 minute sessions, students can benefit from myofascial release props that help tight, tired, and sore muscles release and reset- alleviating trigger points and areas that tension builds and stays stored.

Ayurveda Advice + Meals

Regulating hormones and increasing overall feelings of well-being comes directly from the foods we choose to put into our body. Creating sustainable lifestyle changes that empower and enlighten the individual is of the utmost importance.

If you’re seeking a diet that is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory recipes, with brightly colored dishes and ingredients that don’t have you feeling deprived: Good Mood Food is the answer.

Good Mood Food is the meal prep + meal plan business that I run alongside teaching Yoga and coaching from Higher Self, LLC.

My plant-based dishes are an excellent way to begin your transition to a healthier and more satisfying way of eating.

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