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Registration fee: $350



Registration fee: $750

People come to you all the time with their problems and concern AND you help them. They tell their friends and they come too…but no one pays you a penny. It’s not that you’re running after money, but it would be great to do this full time…wouldn’t it?

Here is why you should be paid. The information that you share with your clients either come from your life’s experiences (good or bad) or they come from the research you’ve done, workshops you’ve taken or something that cost you time and money…yes?

You may be doing this without any structure, not sure or your niche or how to position yourself to do this full time. You need to be certified by a company that would walk you through every aspect of coaching and or counseling.

Introducing a 9 Hour Life Coaching and Counseling Certification Course

Imagine that your dream of becoming a Certified Life Coach or Relationship Counseling could come through in 11 hours and a cost that you can make back with just one client. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

As a coach you position yourself to have a Six-Figure income while working for yourself on the days and times that you want to work. You can also have clients that are located all over the world or maybe you want to be on vacation in the Caribbean while assisting your clients to live their best life, get unstuck or have a better relationship.

You can make this happen if you apply the information you get from doing the Life Coaching certification or the Relationship Counseling certification with Holmes Training Academy LLC.

  • Strong emphasis on helping clients listen to themselves and to differentiate between their Core Values (what they want and believe) from External Values (values that they have absorbed from their environment that are not consistent with their Core Values).
  • Help in identifying your niche and having an appropriate name you’re your business
  • Transforming Casual conversation into consultation
  • How to get clients and how to decide on your fee and so much more.

Hey, you have to do this Course, Why wouldn’t YOU? The price is right, and you get it done in 1 day. You also get a HUGE discount if you take both courses.

Registration fee: $900

Who is

Dr. Cheryll Holmes

Dr. Holmes has earned in six years 1 MA and 3 PhD degrees along with several John Maxwell Certifications. She has built a thriving Practice as a Family Therapist and Life Coach. Dr. Holmes launched the Holmes Training Academy under which she has over the last three years certified over 700 Life Coaches and Relationship Counselors worldwide and has conducted several workshops in leadership, customer retention and other professional seminars in both the secular and religious domains. She also launched in 2020 in response to the COVID19 Pandemic the Christians in Crisis Hotline. Dr. Holmes is therefore equipped to take you from the learning to the earning stage.


This Offer Won’t Last Long. If you want to take advantage of the Certification Program, you should act right now. If you don’t, there’s a good chance you'll miss out and be really mad when you see it advertised at its regular price. It’s an investment yes, but it’s an investment in your professional future. If you know someone that has been talking about getting their certification, send them the flyer and rgistration link you have. Do it and change the world together.

both courses

Registration fee: $900

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