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I am not my past


Dear Reader,

Understand that I am not my past, but my past is forever a part of me. I am not perfect and I do not pretend to be. Today I speak to you with full understanding of the mistakes I made as a youth. Mistakes that hunt me to this day. I can only pray that I am forgiven of my sins. My sins would take a hundred good deeds to wash away, so I pray for every homeless person that I pass by, as I go to and from my destination every day.

In my eyes, to be in favor of the Creator, it takes more than repentance. Therefore, I strive to be a blessing to all I may encounter along my way.
My story is not to glorify criminal activity, nor is it meant to influence others to cause harm towards their sisters and brothers. I invite you the reader to take a walk with me down memory lane. I have written my story, although painful to relive certain moments, with the hope that the pain I feel will help others heal along their journey.
So, come with me, as I unravel my story of pain and everything in between.


Order Your Copy Of I AM NOT MY PAST

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