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Your one stop shop to Buy, Sell, Trade, Repair, and Unlock your phone. Over 15+ Years in the Cell phone business catering to thousands of customers per year.

Buy an iPhone

We sell used and refurbished iPhones for less than any local competitor Guaranteed. In fact, we sell directly to our competitors and that's why we are confident that we offer the lowest prices possible.

Deal directly with us and save money. With us, your literally getting almost Wholesale prices on phones without the obligation of spending thousands of dollars per order like most phone dealers have too.

We even have financing available with only $80 down through Acima. Walk out with any phone in store for only $80. No credit check or contract. The best part? You pay 0% interest if paid off in 90 days. Give us a call or text to see what we have in stock.

Sell Your iPhone

We Buy iPhones in all condition and pay higher than our competitors. Please note: We are a business so please don't expect market value. But what you could expect is a same day cash payout inside a safe and secure storefront location.

We buy phones newly sealed, used, broken, with an unpaid balance, and locked for parts. Almost all conditions accepted just as long as the phone can power on.

Trade Your iPhone

Looking to trade in your old phone for an even better one? Or maybe even downgrade your phone and walk out with cash in hands + a working phone?

You’ve come to the right place. We accept trade ins for New, Used, Broken, Financed, and locked phones. Trade in your phone and either get store credit towards another device or get paid in cash instantly.

Repair your iPhone

We repair all phones (Mostly iPhones). In most cases phone repairs are done the same day. Samsung devices since we don't get many request on them, we sometimes have to order the parts which may take a few days to come in.

We fix screens, back glass, cameras, charging ports, battery and more. The best part? If you just want to be done and over with and move on to a newer phone, we can use your phone as a trade in if you don't want to bother fixing it.

Unlock Your iPhone

We unlock all iPhones within 15 minutes or less. All unlocks are done in person and are $50 per iPhone. Please message us with your IMEI before scheduling an appointment. We do not remove iCloud. We only unlock iPhones so that you can use on a different carrier.

Example: You have T-mobile and did not finish paying off your phone. Your phone is now locked to T-mobile. But if you want to use it on any other carrier besides T-mobile thats where we come in and unlock your iPhone.

At the moment Samsung phones can be unlocked but they are not 100% stable due to new and improved patching by Samung. Samsung prices vary. In most cases they are more to unlock than iPhones. Also, Samsung unlocking is server based so it can take between 24 hours to a week to complete. Although we do unlock Samsung phones, we predominantly focus on iPhones.

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