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SOC compliance is a great step towards protecting information within your organization and demonstrating your commitment of data protection to your customers. We offer the complete range of System and Organization Controls (SOC) services.

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A SOC 1 report is required when your customer needs confirmation on internal controls (policies and procedures) that are relevant to financial statement reporting for their business. For example, if your business provides employee payroll processing services, your customers will want assurance that you process payroll of their employees accurately to ensure there are no miscalculations during payroll processing activities.


A SOC 2 report is required when your customers need confirmation about the security, confidentiality, or privacy practices performed by your business, or confirmation on the integrity or availability of your system or service. For example, if you provide a web (online) application that collects customer information, your customers will want to know that their information is protected and safe.


This is a SOC report that is created for general use distribution for a company. It is often used for a company’s marketing strategies and contains a limited amount of information that is typically included within SOC 1 or SOC 2 reports.It provides a high-level summary for general customers without compromising or revealing details on the internal controls.

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