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“I affirm we will always operate in good-faith seeking truth, while following the Ten Commandments” ~Ashlee Tucker, CEO.

Security consultation

Defensive Security
Blue Teams:

We defend infrastructure with Incident response (IR) damage control, operational threat hunting, emergency recoveries, and forensic audits.

Offensive Security
Red Teams:

We help implement the most effective ethical hacking, penetration testing, exploit defenses, vulnerabilities, testing, and social engineering.

Infrastructure Security Yellow Teams:

Our professionals can code, develop, test, and deploy the latest most effective solutions for the evolution of your secure business workflow.

Management Security
Orange Teams:

We also help educate to changing trends, laws, software, hardware, and real-time solutions to accomplish the enterprise mission plan.

Secure Remote or On-Site comprehensive professionals, focused on using a full-range of advanced managed information technology services.

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Ways we can help you protect, detect, respond, and recover:

Cyber security defense and remediation.

Onsite IT support for any size enterprise.

Remote IT help desk for entire workforce.

Network configuration with trusted setup.

Software development and hybrid clouds.

Data backup and disaster recovery plans.

Analytics, ML analysis, and visualization.

Full audits and government compliance.

We help you discover who operates in your environments. Experience the benefit of using the absolute best technologies for your threat intelligence plans. Our winning asset and risk management solutions use integrated AI threat intelligence for maximum efficiencies. We want to customize a solution right for you, meet a specialist to discuss your goals today.


*By appointment only.

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