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Let it Go People is a service by which you get cash for your used electronics. We pickup your used electronics and you benefit in three ways: 

  1. You make quick money from old electronics that you have been hoarding in your house for ages. 
  2. You get rid of old and unused electronics in your house.
  3. You get paid for doing nothing – we do all the heavy lifting of selling your items on Ebay.
Let It Go People is run by Rui do Rosario, a high-schooler living in Holliston, MA. Rui is an expert in Ebay auction dynamics. This ensures you get the best price for your used electronics.

Just fill up this form to request a pickup:

We just received a dead water-damaged iPhone 11 and sold it on eBay for $168. The owner received $85 – with no additional effort on his part.


We sell many items, but the main types are smartphones, tablets, laptops, headphones, and music speakers.

We accept any item, as long as the item can be salvaged for parts. Electronics that don’t work can be sold for parts, but you must specify how it’s damaged. For example: We just sold a water-damaged iPhone 11 for parts for $224.50

If your item is worth around $30 and above, we’ll take it. Anything below that we might not accept. We let the eBay marketplace decide what an item is worth, so if you are not sure, we can help.

No. We expect that you own the devices and that you can unlock them before pickup. Our terms and conditions expressly prohibit selling stolen items.

No. The accessories are not required (but recommended if available)


You will be paid 60% of the gross profit (after eBay Fees and S&H). For example: If an item sells for $100, after deducting Fees + S&H (usually about 20%), the profit is $80. You will receive 60% of the gross profit, $48.

We support Venmo, Zelle and Paypal (fees apply). We recommended getting paid via Venmo (to save on fees).

You will be paid electronically usually 3-5 business days after the transaction is completed on eBay.


We use eBay as the primary website to sell the items. We are expert eBay sellers and use various techniques to get the best price.

Usually around 3 days, but if the item does not sell, we will automatically retry a couple of times.

We will re-list the item a few times and if it still doesn’t sell, we can either dispose of it for you or send it back to you (fees apply!)


Because with ZERO effort, it solves two problems for you: 

  1. You get paid – at a fair market price – for your old unused items. 
  2. You get rid of your old unused items.

1. We pickup the items – so there is zero effort on your part.
2. Our expertise in selling on secondary markets like eBay yields a much better price.

We currently pickup from Holliston and surrounding towns. Please use this form to request a pickup:

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