Linzer Federal Credit Union

was established through the belief that community is family, our founding member was born and raised within the communities that we serve. Mr. Linzer made it his sole mission to define that we all can be greater together, which emphasizes our dedication in providing financial education to all members, and offer products and services that are tailored to meet the individual needs of every client.

Being in the heart of Louisiana, we are focused on an inclusively diverse culture that highlights wealth management and investment banking.

We are guided by the purpose of impactful and meaningful relationships that makes every member’s financial life better through the means of education and the instillation of the belief that each member has the power to choose.

Our Vision:

To equip all clients with the tools they need to enhance their financial lives.

Our Mission:

We believe that education empowers; our mission is to provide financial inspiration that will assist the communities serviced in building financial wealth and freedom.

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