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You are not alone if you are struggling to understand the options available through Medicaid for at home services.

Millions of people around the country find the entire Medicaid process to be completely overwhelming, and many give up altogether before getting the benefits they deserve.

Studies show two out of every five people reaching age 65 will need some form of long-term care. Many of those seniors prefer to stay at home rather than move to a senior living facility. You may not know that Medicaid will pay for care at home if you qualify medically and financially.

Medicaid in home care services also known as Community Medicaid is designed to provide a wide range of support assistance to keep a senior living in the community, those services range from assistance with daily activities such as ambulating, feeding, bathing, meal preparation, and using the bathroom or medical care that requires skilled practitioners to address chronic conditions.

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Medicaid In-Home Care Include, But Are Not Limited To:

In-home health care

Cleaning and laundry

Meal preparation or delivery

Transportation to and from medical appointments

Personal care services

Minor Home Modifications

Durable medical equipment

Adult daycare services

And much more...

Factors That Determine Eligibility For Community Medicaid:

You must pass a medical evaluation, income evaluation, and financial evaluation.

Medical Eligibility

A state nurse representative will usually conduct a medical exam to determine if the applicant needs nursing home level care. An applicant seeking Medicaid home healthcare must demonstrate the need for long-term care services like those in a nursing home. An individual who can no longer complete daily tasks or maintain their care is considered to need Medicaid at home.

Financial Eligibility- Assets

For financial eligibility, the requirements vary significantly by state; to qualify for Community Medicaid in any state, most individuals will need to have few assets and low income. An individual applying for Medicaid at home can have $2,000 in assets in NJ, while in New York, the applicant can have up to $15,900 in total assets, plus an irrevocable burial fund.

Financial Eligibility- Income

For the Medicaid in home care program, an applicant's income cannot exceed certain thresholds dependent on the state guidelines. In states like New Jersey, a qualified income trust can be set up for the applicant's income spend-down if the gross income exceeds $2,349. In New York, the applicant's excess income that exceeds $884 can be put in a pooled trust to qualify for Medicaid.

Need Help With Medicaid Home Healthcare?

Navigating the maze of Community Medicaid requires in-depth knowledge of the services available in the home. We can assist your elderly loved one with applying for Medicaid. Callahan Financial Services Group is a team of Senior Medicaid Specialists, Medicare Advisors, Financial Advisors with expertise in Medicaid's application process. We can help you get the benefits you need.

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