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3 things that makes MediCosmetic a renowned name in the Skincare Industry

1. Extensive range of quality products and services:

Sourced from vetted suppliers, we have an extensive product range begins from basic lotions and ointments to specialist and prescriptive lubes for laser treatments. Along with quality products, we also deliver younger and happier skin with non-invasive skincaretreatments and eradicate problems like acne, pores, mole removal and pre-cancerous skin growth.

2.Access to expert dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons:

To help you understand the process and its implications pre-treatment to expert care during and post treatment, our panel of expert dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons ensure that you get a seamless experience when you opt for any of our services. Also,experts at MediCosmetic help you understand your skin better and consult you with the best products that will suit your skin and provide you long-term results.

3.A promise of a younger, healthier and happier skin:

Customer satisfaction is our priority and no matter what issues you face, our high-tech equipments and team of experts will have a solution for it. With the zeal to walk an extra mile, we promise all our customers a younger, healthier and happier skin.

Our Services

Anyone can have beautiful hair, but for everyone, that should look different. What are you looking for today?

A skin analysis is the process of understanding the current and past history of your skin, this may involve sebum, keratin, impurities, pores, wrinkles, spots, and moisture tests.

Our clinic indulges in sales of premium skincare and treatment sourced from vetted suppliers. Our product range begins from basic lotions and expands to specialist and prescriptive lubes for laser treatments.

Expert dermatologists and Botox specialists at MediCosmetic Laser Clinic examine, inspect and conduct tests that revive the natural youthfulness of your skin.

Photorejuvenation offered by MediCosmetic Laser Clinic to help with photo-deformities that are developed over a period and maybe caused by aging and other factors.

MediCosmetic Laser Clinic brings you expert dermatologists to conduct a pain-free and allergy-free micro-needling process.

Our High-Tech Equipments

We invested more than millions dollar on high-tech skin care equipments to provide better service.

Teosyal provides the most complete line of 100% non-animal-derived absorbable hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers for comprehensive and personalized facial care.

The latest innovation of diamond microdermabrasion and serum infusion. The BELA MD skin health platform adopts the latest result-oriented technology and serum advancement technology to elevate popular therapies such as serum infusion and diamond microdermabrasion to a new level.

Fotona StarWalker MaxQ StarWalker-revolutionary patented technology, a new picosecond technique beyond the traditional picosecond, picosecond micropulse Pico in Nano Fotona’s StarWalker MaQX system is the most advanced Q-switched laser on the market today.

The M22 King’s Crown is the world’s most expensive cutting-edge technology freckle removal and skin rejuvenation supreme equipment, and it has obtained the highest international certification from the US FDA and the European Union CE.

Fotona StarWalker MaxQ StarWalker-revolutionary patented technology, a new picosecond technique beyond the traditional picosecond, picosecond micropulse Pico in Nano Fotona’s StarWalker MaQX system is the most advanced Q-switched laser on the market today.

Clear&Brilliant, both the convenience of skin care products and the high efficiency of laser treatment. From Solta Medical, a leading global medical beauty brand. The first segmented laser rejuvenation and cleansing two-in-one technology, which effectively brightens the skin, softens the skin, and reduces fine lines.

About Medicosmetic

Located in the posh area of Markham, Toronto, Ontario, MediCosmetic is one of the renowned skincare treatments and products providers of Canada. Whether you wish to understand your skin with our expert skin analysis services or you opt to get anti-ageing skincare treatment, we at MediCosmetic make sure you get the best value-based services from trained professionals and skincare experts that havea cumulative experience of decades.

We at MediCosmetic provide all comprehensive services to our customers’ right from cosmetic injections to aesthetic skincare to an extensive laser treatment services all under one roof. Not only that, wehelpour customers getting affordable skincare treatments with a special deal every month.Also, we help them in making informed decisions by providing them all the integral details about a process or a product to ensure that they get what they need. Because of our customer centric approach and a promise of healthier and happier skin, Me



I bought deal for six laser hair removal sessions. The experience has been great – very professional, and the treatment is quick and relatively painless. The office is beautiful and clean. I have had two sessions so far and have been very happy with the results.


This clinic helped me so much in getting rid of my acne scars. I have tried treatments from other clinics but none of them were able to provide me with the professionalism and results that I received from NewDermaMed! Their clinic is exceptionally clean and super chic! I love that they also care about the environment and are completely paperless. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my skin already and have recommended your clinic to my friends!! Thanks so much!



Excellent skin and hair products with in a reasonable price range .A must try .would highly recommend.


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