Entrepreneur Accelerator Program


Entrepreneur Accelerator Program

The Millionaire Mindset Academy Entrepreneur Accelerator Program is a 12-week program that equips and empowers minority women to combat poverty through entrepreneurship and take back control of their future and financial situations. This program is designed to give you sustainable entrepreneurial success by providing:

Scholarships are granted on a limited basis.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Through a mix of virtual, live classes, in-person workshops, consistent mentorship from top business experts, certifications, and assignments, you will develop a CEO mindset, 2-5 year business plan, and connections to set your business up for success.

Tell us about you and your business.

Attend classes, complete business development assignments, and receive mentorship.

Classes, mentor sessions, and open Q&A sessions are held weekly.

Apply for seed funding.

Millionaire Mastermind Academy offers seed funding to the most promising startups.

Apply to be an apprentice for American Landmark.

American Landmark is providing several opportunities to become an apprentice with their real estate experts beginning in January 2022.

Personal Mentoring

Certification in Entrepreneurship

Seed Funding Opportunity​

Apprenticeship Opportunity​


Who is the Fall 2021 Entrepreneur Accelerator Program for?

The Entrepreneur Accelerator Program is for you if you are:

Program Topics

Session #1

Develop a Mindset for Success Mission, Vision and Values

Learn how to develop the right mindset, which will propel and keep you motivated as an entrepreneur; identify the vision you hold of your life moving forward, and describe how your core values fit into this vision and influence your business purpose.

Session #2

Pick the Right Business for You

Learn how to define your strengths, use your talents to the fullest, and assess natural ability to excel and gain an advantage over others.

Session #3

Identify Your Target Customer and Your Niche

Define your niche based on skill set, assess the potential profitability of your idea, describe your ideal client.

Session #4

Identify Your Target Customer and Your Niche

Define your niche based on skill set, assess the potential profitability of your idea, describe your ideal client.

Session #5

Decide What to Offer and How- Pick the Right Price

Select the business model that best fits your financial and lifestyle goals; Design a viable product or service that can be offered to customers right away to kick-start sales and gain valuable testimonials.

Session #6

Set Up the Essentials for Running your Business

Identify the legal and administrative requirements that operate in the United States for running a business; Describe the basis for the location of your business.

Session #7

Start Branding Your Business Now

Discuss the characteristics and connotations around branding products and services; Identify who you want to serve in your business.

Session #8

ALU Real Estate Weekend Intensive: Property Management & Leadership

Gain Emotional Intelligence; Understand how to handle a difficult customer; Learn how to work alongside and manage different personalities; Distinguish the protections offered by the Fair Housing Act, the Housing and Community Development Act, Fair Housing Amendments Act, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Session #9

Set Up Your Marketing

Formulate a marketing plan that converts to sales using online and offline tactics

Session #10

Start Branding Your Business Now Your Launch Starts Here

Develop a detailed plan to launch your business.

Session #11

Track Your Progress

Learn to analyze key metrics and evaluate revenue targets to track the progress of your business.

Session #12

Moving Forward

Design systems to plan effectively, save time, and reduce stress

Monthly PITI is based on 3.75% fixed rate and 6.25% APR. Intest rate may vary based on loan pre-approval.

Our Impact

Issued $20,000 in Scholarships

Distributed $36,000 in seed funding

Certified 25 women

The Millionaire Mastermind Academy is a pioneering, nationwide nonprofit organization with locations in Atlanta and Phoenix with innovative and impactful programs directly benefiting the lives of thousands of female business owners and the next generation of women entrepreneurs.

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