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Coaching with Ming is amazing! Her passion, energy, fire, and positivity are simply contagious. working with her is so empowering. In just a few short sessions, I pushed through several blocks that had been hanging me up for years! Thank you so much, Ming!


Some people just show up into a professional space and you know right away that they were born to do exactly this thing. I’ve been exposed to my share of self-development but the difference this time is the “Ming” factor. I’m fortunate! I’ve aligned myself with someone with a deep desire to facilitate profound change in my life.


I've known and worked with Ming for many years. Her energy, wisdom, and insight is always welcome. She truly is a brilliant light! Consider yourself fortunate if you have the opportunity to work with Ming.


Ming Lovejoy

Ming Lovejoy is Chief Inspiration Officer and Founder of Ming Lovejoy Coaching. She is passionate about supporting women in experiencing lasting lifestyle and business transformation. Her unique and personal style of coaching helps inspire dynamic, soulful, and spirited women to live more deeply and joyfully aligned with who they are so they feel more fulfilled and content every day of their lives.

A Princeton graduate and student of bioenergetics, energy medicine, neuroscience, and quantum physics, Ming is passionate about personal growth and development to optimize one’s performance, relationships, and joy in life. She was an organic grower and soil farmer for 13 years, adding Certified Herbalist, Health Coach, and Professional Chef’s Certification with a focus on healing foods and holistic nutrition. Ming became a leader in the Network Marketing Industry, growing a team of over 6,000 people.

Ming has coached and mentored hundreds of individuals, practitioners and businesses looking to create better strategies and environments to support optimal wellness and financial performance in their lives.

She is also the Founder of Hope 406, a non-profit organization which supports Montana businesses and charities to nurture health awareness, wellness, and personal development.

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