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Why Data Science in FeiTian?




Data Sets


What you'll learn


Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Neural Networks

Data Visualization

Recommendation Systems


Qualify for in-demand jobs in data analytics

  • Associate data analyst
  • Junior data scientist
  • Finance analyst
  • Operations analyst
  • Data technician
  • Business performance analyst
  • Marketing analyst

Why you should learn data science?

Companies must continually adjust their products, services, tools, and business strategies to meet consumer preferences and demand and to react to emerging trends. Because of this, data analyst roles are in demand and competitively paid.

Data analysts make sense of data and numbers to help organizations make better business decisions. They prepare, process, analyze, and visualize data, discovering patterns and trends and answering key questions along the way. Their work empowers their wider team to make better business decisions.

- Program Purpose

The Master of Science in Data Science program seeks to equip students with advanced theories and methods of data science, with the ability to apply their knowledge and methods to solve practical problems.

- Program Learning Outcomes

After completing this program, students will:

  1. Have in-depth understanding of the key theories and methodologies in data science, with focus on the areas of statistics, data mining, and machine learning.
  2. Be proficient in statistical programming languages and big data tools through coursework, projects, and applied research.
  3. Be able to analyze problems and make data-driven decisions with professionalism in real world settings.

- Program Objectives

Goals of the program include:

  1. To enable students to develop in-depth understanding of the key theories and technologies in data science, including, but not limited to statistical theory and methods, data mining, machine learning, visualization techniques, and predictive modeling.
  2. To enable students to gain fluency in statistical programming languages and big data tools through coursework, projects, and applied research.
  3. To equip students with the ability and professionalism to carry out problem analysis, solution finding and decision-making in the real world.

Data Science Faculty


Dr. Kevin Ren

Professor, Chair
Ph.D. in Statistics
University of Missouri


Dr. Zheng Qu

Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences
The University of Chicago


Dr. Samuel Zhou

Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Computer Science
Rutgers University


Dr. Miao Yu

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Fluid Mechanics
Rutgers University


Dr. Qihu Zhang

Adjunct Instructor
Ph.D. in Statistics
University of Georgia


Dr. Zhanglin Cui

Adjunct Professor
Ph.D. in Genetics and Breeding
North Carolina State University


Dr. Suman Srinivasan

Adjunct Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Computer Science
Columbia University


I attended it and I absolutely loved it! Before starting, I was already sure I wanted to switch from academia to data science, and I was mostly looking for an opportunity to gain business experience before starting to look for an industry job. This DS program helped me a lot!


I decided to enroll into MS in data science program, and I did not regret it! I am ready to get some experience of what an industrial data science project feels like.


Studying data science was such a great investment into my future. The mentoring aspect of it was the most helpful for me. I really felt supported and empowered by the mentors, coaches, and staff, and got such high quality education and personalized feedback from them.



What you'll learn


Deep Learning

Data Visualization

Machine Learning

Neural Networks

Recommendation Systems


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