My Lux Co

is an industry-leading sales and consulting company with a national footprint and a staff of best-in-class agents that will provide you with that strategic edge to accelerate the growth of your business.

We will give you the necessary coaching and awareness to confront, challenge and conquer that which is preventing you from rising to the top of your industry.


How are you communicating with your audience?

The deployment and execution of certain tactics need to be tailored properly to succeed and place the focus on the appropriate influences. Securing engagement of your audience is key. There is a greater need for higher standards and coordination than most realize.



Ongoing continuous research- work that is rooted deeply within the ever-evolving marketplace


Best-in-class agents- dedicated team of agents with decades of experience


Sales Transformation- guiding and moving through change initiatives

Our expertise lies within your industry and desired outcomes. We will work with you in order to enable you to come away with a clear understanding of what’s working, what’s not working, and how you can take the appropriate actions to achieve the results you seek.

Team of seasoned experts to assist you in leveraging your industry while expediting your growth initiatives. We will provide you with the fundamentals and principles to become more effective individually and as a team.

Provide Actionable Practices

Customer Engagement Strategy and Mindset

Revenue Projections and Discovery

Framework for Implementing Successful Course of Action

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