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About National Protection Firm:

NPR is a 100% Disabled Veteran run organization.

NPF is a premium contract security service company headquartered in South Florida. Protecting people, property, assets, and businesses, NPF has partners operating in all 50 states, with over 1,000 security professionals and over 100 trusted agencies spread across the nation. We offer a range of security services, including the highest levels of protector, down to the lowest level of security professional, all depending on the need of our client. We also provide risk mitigation, and risk management services. We pride ourselves on helping organizations large and small solve their security challenges through teamwork, effort, and centered around client/customer focus. Exceptional customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

What Makes Us Different

NPF specializes in last-minute security needs (temp or permanent), same-day coverage requests nationwide through a proven network of vetted, affordable, quality partners in all 50 to include discreet sub-contracting and event/project management. We offer an effective alternative to small local companies with minimal resources and high turnover, and for large international firms obstructed by bureaucracy, inflexibility, and poor responsiveness. NPF helps selective clients seeking a security partner who offers robust solutions for emergency requests with low transitional risk and exceptional past performance.

No matter where you are domestically or the risk your organization faces, we can help. NPF deploys protection agents with decades of experience based on extensive highly trained military or law enforcement backgrounds. We create and execute travel risk management plans (including secure transportation) as well as support for special events and exigent circumstances. We can perform custom protection assessments (including workplace violence, active shooter threat) and can assist with developing and training your personnel according to your needs.

Our template and discernment in selecting the right personnel last-minute put us above the competitors. NPF carefully selects the best guards, thoroughly train and supervise them to the level of superior independence and performance, in exceeding a client’s specific requirements. Our culture is focused intensely upon both client and employee satisfaction, by employing full-time protectors, analysts, advisors, investigators, and instructors on standby. This approach best supports the type of long-term partnerships that have been the foundation of our success and resulted in employee and customer retention rates that far exceed industry benchmarks.

NPF is comprised of a diverse group of security professionals from all military branches, US Secret Service, DEA, and other Law Enforcement Agencies across the nation.

To be apart of the NPF, we have a strict qualifying criteria that ensures that the right security professional is at your site, no matter the occasion.

Types of NPF services

NPR guard services include but are not limited to protecting:




commercial real estate

government institutions




public transportation

financial institutions



Business Training

In addition to security protection we provide training and consulting services for your business:

Risk Analysis

Site Assessment

Active Shooter Training

Crisis Management

Emergency Response Training

Operational Planning

Event Security

Defense Tactical

Advanced Security Planning

Identifying Special Threats

Emergency Response Training

Operational Planning

Event Security

Defense Tactical

Advanced Security Planning

Identifying Special Threats

CEO & Founder

Bobby R. Huggins

About Bobby

With over 18 years of combined military and private security sector experience, Bobby has dedicated his life to protecting others. He served as a Communication Sergeant in MARSOC and then an airborne infantryman in the US Army's 82nd Airborne Division. Bobby has verified combat experience in both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom with hundreds of combat foot patrols and mobile convoys in hostile environments. In 2017, Bobby was medically retired from the armed services. He is a 100% Disabled Veteran.

After leaving active duty service, Bobby transferred his skills to the private security sector where he began as an armed Executive Protection Agent. He also contracted with the DOD as a Guardian Angel protecting VIPs in Afghanistan.

Bobby then moved into corporate leadership of a high-end national security company based in Washington, DC. Over the course of three years, Bobby was promoted to Director, Vice President, and then Chief Operating Officer.

In 2022, Bobby founded the National Protection Firm to further his dedication to protecting others and running teams with integrity, honor, and excellence. Combining his on-the-ground experience, both domestically and internationally, and his corporate expertise in client management, guard management, and rapid responses to emergency situations, NPF consistently provides first class protection services and world-class results.

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