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Let’s be honest: when it comes to taxes, accounting, payroll and legally setting up your business, are you trying to go it alone and do it yourself?

Maybe you’re trying to save money. Accountants and lawyers can be expensive, and you figure your business isn’t all that complex so you can save some money and DIY it.

Maybe you’ve tried to hire tax and legal support before, and it didn’t work out. You’ve gone down that road and ended up disappointed and frustrated. You missed the red flags and now you’re not sure how to trust someone else.

Or maybe you’re scared to show someone else the inner workings of your business. Your spreadsheets are a mess, your revenue isn’t where you want it to be and until you get things the way you want, you’ll keep trying to go it alone.

Whatever your reasons, if you’re Google searching your way through your taxes, piecing together client contracts from templates online and not sure what paperwork you need when hiring employees, you’re doing your business a disservice.

Let the financial, tax, legal and payroll professionals at NextGen help. With our guidance and some smart planning and execution, your business won’t just get by, it’ll thrive.

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What’s Waiting for You with NextGen?

When it comes to your business’ back end, we’re your one-stop-shop because we do it all: taxes, payroll, accounting and legal support. 

We are your trusted partner for tax prep, planning and resolution. We go beyond regular old bookkeeping and analyze your numbers and create projections – while also tracking spending and expenses. We eliminate costly legal mistakes, ensure your business is structured properly and that your assets (business and personal) are protected. 

Translation: we lay the foundation that empires are built on and we can lay that foundation for you, too. 

If you’re out here trying to do all the tax, financial and legal things for your business, you’re using up valuable time you could be using to better serve your clients. 

Plus, if taxes and legal aren’t your zone of genius, those knowledge gaps can cost your business thousands and thousands of dollars.

 You need a strategic partner who knows what they’re doing. You need NextGen. 

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Meet NextGen, Your New Business Secret Weapon

For us at NextGen, it’s about helping you make (and keep) the most of your money and we do that by taking the complicated, pull-your-hair-out parts of running a business off your plate.

You don’t need to Google tax law or figure out how to balance your books. You don’t need to figure out which entity is best for your business. And you don’t need to feel nervous or embarrassed about your numbers.

At NextGen, we’re in it with you. Getting you the best outcomes, while also playing by the rules.

Listen … big businesses build their empires on strategic tax planning, accounting and legal structuring. And we believe small businesses deserve that same leg up.

Led by Cindy McGhee, a seasoned CPA with a master’s in accounting and over 20 years of experience in the industry, we take what the titans use every day to keep you in the black, too.

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We hired NextGen for tax planning and tax preparation. After our first meeting with the NextGen team, we knew we had made the right choice. They are organized, efficient, and highly professional. Everyone on the team is an expert and that made us feel not only empowered around our finances, but also relieved to have such a great team on our side!

Meg Myers Morgan,

Myers Morgan


Hands down the best decision I ever made to support the growth and success of my business was to engage with NextGen Tax for tax planning services. Initially I started my business as a solopreneur and today, thanks in part to NextGen, I’ve now got 5 of us on payroll and 2 locations…with more to come. While I’m an expert in my field, I’m definitely not an expert in tax. They dedicate as much time to developing their team’s tax expertise on a regular basis as me and my team do in employment regulations and human resources strategy. In just my first year with NextGen Tax alone they saved me $12,000! I consider them fundamental partners in my business, helping me achieve my long term business and personal goals. I wouldn’t trust anyone else.

Penny Horton,

Who’s your HR?

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Here’s one other thing...

If you want to play in the big leagues, you can’t keep doing it alone. It takes a team. 

And when you try to play every position, you’re bound to drop the ball.

At NextGen, we want to be your teammate and give you the tax, accounting and legal power you need to win. Let us evaluate where your business is right now, what it needs going forward and how we can help. 

With our lineup of experienced professionals, we go beyond filing your taxes and checking your books. We dig into your numbers, create projections, do tax prep, planning and resolution, make sure your legal ducks are in a row and that your assets are protected. Click the button below to learn how we can partner toward your success.

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