What is the Infinite Gallery (IG) ? 🖼️ @everyone

“The Infinite Gallery” is a project created by @THE.OGARNO that uses the concept of vector drawing to create deep, almost infinitely scrolling images.
You can explore the paintings for yourself on our website
The experience is of course free and there are many Easter eggs that you can find in the paintings.

How does the Infinite Gallery work? 🧐

Scroll wherever you want in the paintings and you’ll start a real exploration of our infinite world –
This is season 1 of Infinite Gallery, each season we will try to include at least 10 paintings by our artist @THE.OGARNO.
Every Monday a new painting will be available in the gallery.
The gallery is always available for a minimum of 10 weeks and can be extended.

The Gallery is available on PC, Mac and Mobile.

I heard about NFTs :8288hypehype:

Each week, following the gallery update, the new painting will also be available on our open sea
There will be an auction for each painting and the auction will last 5 days.
We will create other unique NFTs projects like the Infinite Monkeys.
More information about our main goal in the roadmap (wip).


total volume

Infinite Monkey Collection

Infinite Monkey #45
Infinite Monkey #45
Infinite Monkey #45
Infinite Monkey #45
Infinite Monkey #45
Infinite Monkey #45
Infinite Monkey #45
Infinite Monkey #45
Infinite Monkey #45
Infinite Monkey #45

About Ogarno

Ogarno is a young french artist that grew up and studied in Paris.

He worked four years in the animation industry, including compositing work for high profile Disney’s animated program before deciding to go full time content creator.

He used Endless Paper to create the Infinite Gallery, in which he created stories within stories, added pop-culture references and as many details as his mind provided, expanding his universe throughout rooms and frames.

He pioneered technics to guide the audience in the vastness of infinite painting, such as the use of concentric color gradients, progressive scaled composition, contrasting level of detail, and clever perspective tricks.

Following his sudden explosion on social media, he started infusing his creativity at the service of collaborations with major brands such as Disney, Marvel, Wimbledon, the FIFA World Cup.

Life imitating art, the artist truly explores his creativity and playfully hides as many details and secrets as possible for the spectator.

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