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Author, Speaker, Self-Development Coach

Developing   the Total  You


HER Excellency Patricia Y. Oliver is a creatively empowered International and National Speaker, Executive business owner with over 30+ years in the Personal and Professional Development industry. Oliver is best known for her empathy and desire to educate, motivate, and prepare others for society. Patricia is an Author of Your First Love Affair with Self and Leadership with FLAWS.

She is the CEO and founder of Poise and Perfection Imaging Inc. Patricia’s projects include working with some of the top celebrities in the sports, fashion, entertainment, and gospel industries. Oliver is also a published columnist writer, transformational speaker, and self-development coach. Patricia was currently appointed in the 2022 UN Global Compact as Ambassador For Peace.

Training Workshops

These training workshops will take participants on a journey of transforming their lives in their Careers, Workplace, and College. We provide powerful best practice entities and prepare individuals for a successful future.

Leadership with FLAWS

Stop aborting the careers of your followers As Leaders, we are all flawed. The question is what happens when our flawed leadership affects and destroys followers? There is one thing to negatively impact others’ future careers, but what happens when your FLAWS have a negative impact on an individual’s LIFE? This training will empower individuals to embrace their FLAWS by discovering how to have LOVE AFFAIR with SELF by turning their pain into purpose and power.

Me Awareness (Mental Illness)

Emotional Struggle within SELF… This training provides youths/adults with social skills to control negative emotions and aggressive, violent behavior that leads to self-destructive behavior. The Workshop helps individuals explore, gain knowledge, and control emotional risks for drugs, alcohol use, sexual promiscuity, and suicide.

Developing the Total, YOU

Having your first love Affair with Self… This hands-on workshop provides a powerful atmosphere that will take participants on a journey of transformation and self-discovery. Poise and Perfection Imaging training will inspire, motivate and empower individuals with confidence to enhance SELF. The focus will be on turning pain into power and purpose by having your First Love Affair with Self. Incorporating Social Business, Image and Etiquette creates a new awareness towards Developing the Total You package in oneself.

Personal and Professional Development

Stop managing and start Leading. This workshop focuses on developing the individual’s ability to attain maximum job performance by incorporating “Added Value” techniques. Training to inspire, motivate and empower individuals with confidence to enhance self. Also, evaluate individuals’ strengths and weaknesses for achieving professional success. The focus is on problem-solving, work ethics, and interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills.

Transformational Development

Training allows individuals to understand how to grow thru obstacles in all areas of transformation, e.g., relocation, separation, isolation, elevation, elimination, manifestation, and celebration.

Prep Etiquette Tutorial

This two-day tutorial equips individuals with dining and social etiquette. Day (1) training / Day (2) implementation. Location e.g., Symphony, Ballet or Opera and Private dining restaurant.

Youth Development

This upbeat hands-on workshop is a must for future leaders. The focus is on developing Youth Leadership Skills, Life Skills, Self-Appreciation, Self-Esteem, Etiquette, and Goal Setting. The workshop targets both elementary and high school youth.

Most Request Speech Topics

How to Stop aborting the careers of your followers based on your bias. Great for Corporate and Athletics

Learning to take a journey of self-discovery and self-love Ultimately, understanding the process is as important as the destination. Waiting is powerful.

Nothing Happens in life without movement

Understanding how to grow thru obstacles in all areas of a transformational life

  Stop managing and start leading

Having your first love Affair with Self by turning your pain into power and purpose

Tackling Mental Illness by rediscovering the “Me” in the illness

Stop being intimidated by meat(people) healing comes from the inside out


H.R Ambassador Patricia Y. Oliver

Ambassador of Peace

CEO of Poise and Perfection Imaging Inc

28122 Kudzu Drive

Spring, TX 77386

Direct: 501-626-6201


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