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Either way... Working with Law Firm Marketing 360 is a no-brainer – that’s our promise. Simply put, we’ve gotten results for so many lawyers like you we’re willing to put our own money and reputation on the line to prove it.

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The Truth: There Are ONLY TWO Types Of Law Firms In Today’s Market…

Those who waste countless hours and marketing dollars on outdated advertising methods (or worse, NO marketing at all!).

These lawyers do nothing more than reel in the same old low-ball cases that SLASH your revenue and leave you with even LESS market authority than when you started.

There are those lucky FEW lawyers who take a boldly creative approach to modern marketing.

Their ads resonate with the kind of top tier clients you actually want to fight for, leading to big court wins, bigger pay days and the kind of formidable reputation that high flying careers are made of.

At Law Firm Marketing 360, we’re here to transform your firm into the latter in less than a month - guaranteed.

Case Study:

How We Drove 67 Cases (Consistently) For A Law Firm in 90 days

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Our 3 Step Process For Legal Domination…

Day One: In-Depth Consultation

Standing out in a sea of law firm marketing messages starts with creating a brand identity that rings true to you. We immerse ourselves in all the intricacies of your practice, so you can market to more of the clients that need a lawyer just like you.

Day 14: Lead Generation

We don’t believe in bringing just any leads. Instead, we use a signature blend of marketing methods across a variety of platforms to speak directly to your ideal clientele, resulting in a fresh crop of potential cases custom tailored to your expert skills.

Day 30: Revenue Conversion

First comes the leads, then comes the conversions. We help you seal the deal with your ideal clients by creating highly incentivized marketing offers that make your firm the only logical option, no matter how simple or complex their case may be.

Sounds Easy… Because It Is.

“Okay, So Where’s The Loophole?”

As a marketing firm specializing in the legal space, we know that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

After all, that’s thinking like a lawyer, right?

If you don’t get leads in 14 days, and convert a high-quality case into revenue on your books in less than 30 days of working with our team, then we’ll refund your money right away.

Design with Freedom

No hidden agenda.

No questions asked.

So, what can 30 days do for your practice?

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