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The Pinewood Family Care Co. believes that overall wellness begins with knowing that those around you are provided the best care possible, regardless of how routine or infrequent those events are.

The Pinewood Family Care Co. offers local residents and employees the opportunity to access care where they need it – close to home and on their own terms – using our network of Family Medicine Physicians, Specialists, Alternative Medicine, Wellness, and Child Care partners, who all are a part of the Jersey City community. Beginning here, we are enabling Direct Primary Care for Adults and Children, along with Specialty Concierge services that are available both in-person and through telehealth. We believe in keeping a limited number of “Fam” members so that we can offer the very best quality of care to our Fam.

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About Us

Pinewood Family Care Co. is dedicated to providing every Fam member with the care and attention we’d provide our own family; this is why we limit the number of members accepted into our center.

Our Family Care Co. has roughly 1/10th the number of members compared to traditional hospital-owned primary care practices in New Jersey. Our first locations in Downtown Jersey City, NJ are conveniently located and provide medical, wellness, and child care services. We choose to not accept any health insurance so our members can access care on their own terms. Our physicians are happier than their hospital-employed peers because they have the ability to spend optimal time with each patient, whether in-person, by text/ email, or via telehealth. Our company is ideal for those local residents who have Health Spending Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, and High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP). We help you save your health insurance for what it is really intended for – emergent situations. At Pinewood, we also offer wellness and health concierge medicine services so your family has a one-stop-shop for all of your caring needs. Our physicians are eager to welcome you to the Fam!


Pinewood Family Care Co. brings together a collective of online and offline wellness and health benefits, starting with affordable Direct Primary Care for the entire family.

Direct Primary Care



Concierge Women’s Health/OBGYN

When you become a member of the Pinewood Family, you are granted access to Direct Primary Care (DPC) with a full range of care coordination and ancillary services. You no longer have to involve insurance companies for preventive and routine visits, our DPC practice bills patients directly via our monthly membership fee. In return, the patient becomes a “Fam member” of the office and gets to enjoy enhanced access to their doctor and all medical and wellness care.

At Pinewood, we cut out the very expensive middleman of health insurance so the doctor can spend more time with each patient, offer same or next-day appointments, phone/video visits if practical, and the patient has unlimited access to their doctor via phone, text, and email. We limit the number of Fam members in order to ensure that the physician has sufficient availability for members of the practice.

Although direct primary care models like ours do not utilize insurance for the majority of services, families still can use their insurance plan for extensive laboratory testing, surgeries, hospitalizations, ER visits, or imaging. Each Fam member has a dedicated concierge that helps coordinate your entire family’s health and wellness needs including specialist care coordination, medication delivery, cannabis consultations, and inviting you to events with the Fam.

On-Demand Urgent Immediate Care

Urgent Immediate care refers to immediate medical attention and treatment. At Pinewood Family Care Co., our members have unlimited access to in-person and telemedicine immediate care appointments at no additional cost by scheduling an appointment through the member portal. As a courtesy to Non-members (or ‘Future Fam’ as we call them), scheduled Urgent Immediate Care is available for $349 per visit after paying the annual registration fee. This is ideal for patients of area physicians who can’t get in to see their physician immediately without the hassles of crowded waiting rooms.

Immediate care service is provided for people with mild to moderate health conditions who want or need to see a doctor right away. If you or a family member are dealing with non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries, you should consider scheduling a visit… In today’s climate with the current coronavirus pandemic, it is safer to stay out of hospitals as much as possible.

Urgent healthcare facilities can provide emergency care, assistance, treatment, or urgent care services for the following:

Accidents or falls

Allergic reactions

Sprains & broken bones

Cold & Flu

Ear infection

Sinus infections


Strep throat

Coronavirus testing

Nausea, diarrhea, & vomiting

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