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Official Press Release on The False Allegations Made Against Majors Law Group and Attorney Dominic Majors

Since 2019, Majors Law Group has been providing the people of Arizona with fierce legal representation, giving them a legal partner, they can trust to work in their best interest. However, it recently came to our attention that a fake defamatory website was published under the domain name to tarnish the image of our law firm and that of our Attorneys Dominic Wayne Majors, and Emily Zobel.
To bring the truth to light and to give you, our current and potential clients the confidence to partner with Majors Law Group and get the legal representation you deserve, we have published this article.

The Allegations

Not everyone you consider family celebrates your success, and Attorney Dominic Majors learned this the hard way following fake anonymous reviews across multiple platforms and a defamatory website published by his estranged relatives solely to soil his reputation and see to his demise. The defamatory content published portrayed Lawyer Dominic Majors in a negative light, the law firm at which he practices; Majors Law Group, and his fellow Attorney at law Emily Zobel, labeling them fraudulent, dishonest thieves without legal training among other derogatory claims.

The faces behind these malicious acts, who refuse to disclose their identity to the public though they are known to us, went further to misrepresent themselves in a manner that implies their direct association with the State Bar of Arizona. They accused Lawyer Dominic Majors of robbing a family of their business and life savings alongside Daniel Adams which is also a false claim.

While the list of false allegations goes on, we have taken all steps legally possible to restore the reputation of quality service delivery and track record of success which have been overshadowed by the false claims against Attorney Dominic Majors and the Majors Law Group. We will not dwell on these allegations, but rather leave this case in the hands of the law and focus on solidifying the once strong reputation we have built through our hard work, diligence, and dedication to delivering results to our clients.

The Truth

Despite these malicious claims against Majors Law Group, Lawyer Dominic Majors, and other Attorneys namely Rick Adams and Emily Zobel, we can confirm that none of them are true and our track record and clients we have served can attest to this fact.

The spirit of Majors Law Group is deeply rooted in quality service, honesty, and integrity. Our attorneys Dominic Majors, Rick Adams, and Emily Zobel have many years of combined experience in the legal sector and have served thousands of clients, representing them in their bankruptcy processes, personal injury cases, and more.
We believe justice will be served, and while our reputation as an established consumer law firm may have taken a blow, we trust in our track record of success and the phenomenal experiences we have given to our clients when we represented them. The quality of our work and dedication to service is clearly reflected in the reviews published on our official website site

At present, we have filed a lawsuit against the people involved in the Superior Court of Arizona, sought a restraining order to have the malicious defamatory reviews and website against Lawyer Dominic Majors and Majors Law Group. We have also sought compensation for damages resulting from the losses we have incurred and irreparable harm their actions caused on the reputation of Majors Law Group, Lawyer Dominic Majors, and our attorneys.

Moreover, all claims and complaints filed against Lawyer Dominic Majors and Majors Law Group were dismissed by the State Bars of Arizona, Utah, and Colorado following the thorough review of this case.

Reacquaint Yourself with Attorney Dominic Majors of Majors Law Group

Attorney Dominic Majors, Esq


Attorney Dominic Majors is an Arizona Summit Law School Juris Doctor (J.D) and he graduated in the top 25% of his class in 2017. He made it to the Dean’s List twice during his studies and due to his outstanding performance, he was proffered the prestigious CALI Award in Bankruptcy and Professional responsibility. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Business from Northern Arizona University.

Work Experience

Dominic Majors kickstarted his legal career in high school as a legal administrator in 2005 and worked his way up through the years to become an Attorney. His passion for helping navigate the legal world and not only get legal representation but a partner working in their best interests for their success paved the way to his decision to focus solely on personal injury lawsuits and bankruptcy cases.

Attorney Dominic Majors has helped thousands of people through the bankruptcy process. Throughout his 11-year law career, he has worked with well-established consumer law firms in Phoenix Arizona and he has been the Managing Attorney at Majors Law Group since 2019.

Voluntary Work

Dominic Majors is a man renowned for having an upright moral compass to those who know him and believes in giving back to the society from which he emerged. Throughout his educational and professional career, he has been a Legal Intern volunteer at the Phoenix Municipal Court (Veterans Court), a baseball coach for children at Chandler Youth Basketball, a Witness for Wills at the Wills for Heroes Foundation, and more. He has also been recognized for his pro bono work for those who cannot afford it and donations to local organizations in Arizona and beyond. While in law school, Dominic Majors also volunteered as “a Friend of the Court” at Pro Se’ Debtor Reaffirmations Hearings.


Dom and his office staff are amazing they make you feel comfortable from day 1! they take the time to make sure you understand everything and they make it so easy to get in touch with them! they were the first law group I met with and I knew from that day I had found the one I wanted to use. I cant say thank you enough!


Kara Monica

Dom picked up the phone when I called, and within minutes he was able to offer a solution to my problem. In times of distress we all need to be handled in our own way so we can stay smart and not get emotional, his professionalism and cander proved him to be an excellent attorney and a gentelman.


Handsome Yancy

Dominic and his team were top notch and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone I know for assistance.


Charlie Kall

Dominic Majors, Esq.

Attorney at Law

Our Commitment To You

At Majors Law Group, we are committed to delivering quality services and fiercely representing our clients to ensure that our outcomes exceed their expectations. We pride ourselves on our law firm’s high success rates, consistency in service delivery, and the phenomenal experiences we afford our clients.

Our Registration Status

Majors Law Group PC, including all its affiliated law firms, are registered under their respective states. To verify the authenticity of Major Law Group and all its affiliated law firms and Attorney Dominic Majors, please do not hesitate to contact us or get in touch with the State Bars of Arizona and State Bar of Washington.

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