Vijilan has built a state of the art cloud SIEM infrastructure that

cost less to operate, and as a result, would like transfer some of the savings back to its partners.




Vijilan pricing is month to month. If you pay upfront for one year, you save 20% We charge per monitored agent, user or device.

For example, we consider

firewalls just like CISCO, Foritgate, SonicWALL, and Meraki the “security appliances”. The price is 89/month. 

Servers like windows servers, active directory, domain controllers, file servers, we charge $25/month.

EDRs like SentinelOne, Cylance, Symantec, Crowdstrike, we charge $2/agent per month. 

Office 365, we charge $2/user per month.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is no minimum. You can have an organization with 1000s of employees or as few as 3. We charge per user or agent. And the price is as low as $2.

This allows MSPs to onboard their clients that have few employees and add SIEM and SOC to their security stack

We have also increased our data retention policy

180 days to 365 days which helps with forensics and incident response

7 years for all alerts, incidents, and associated raw logs.

The top 3 reasons why MPS are switching to vijilan are

Next steps:

Satisfaction guaranteed!

30 days opt out which allows you to onboard a client, generate the necessary reports and opt out without incurring any costs.

A good example would be a small clinic, for example. 

An organization with 25 employees typically has a firewall, two servers (for example, 1 domain controller and 1 file server), 25 office 365 users, and about 27 Endpoint Protections like Sentinel One. 
The monthly cost per employee would be about $9.70 per employee. And if you pay upfront, it would be $7.70/employee.

Scenario: Local clinic


(1) + (2) + (27) + (25) = 55 log sources


Annual upfront

Scenario: Remote workers only

Another example would be mobile office or remote workers that has 25 employees
25 EDRs like SentinelOne, Cylance, Symantec, Mcafee, Crowdstrike falcon complete
25 office 365 users
It would cost you about $4/employee per month. Or $100 a month


(25) + (25) = 50 log sources


Annual upfront

It is important to highlight that our prices include our flagship service offering:​

SOC 24x7

(triage and investigations)​

Follow-up questions

(real interactions)​

1-Year data retention policy​

7-Year incidents,

related detections, and associated raw logs​

Compliance and security Reports​

White Labeling features​

PSA Integration​

Threat Sensor

Access to partner portal

End-customer user access

Testimonials from our clients and partners

Vijilan has enabled us to start building out our MSSP practice. One of the steps to building out a successful security team is to have a SOC. Vijilan has made it possible, and while we don’t want to tell you all our secrets, this one is clearly out of the bag now. What a great vendor to do business with.




[Vijilan’s] platform provides us MSP friendly affordable pricing, that allows us to easily bundle the service into our managed services. They provide us a 24/7 SOC without needing to try to staff it & manage it on our own.




On boarding team super fast and efficient. Always gives us great support in answering questions. Security team is great with notifying us of threats. Portal is super easy to understand and provides a great check list to complete client onboardings with ease.




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