Navigating healthcare can be confusing and time consuming,

Patients with Patients (PWP) is a support service that can help advocate for patients and caregivers

Life is busy and there’s just not enough hours in the day to do it all,

Patience with Patients can help advocate for you or your love one.

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Centralized assessment of healthcare concerns:

Provide continuous support to help patients manage all their healthcare needs.

Care Coordination and Communication with healthcare professionals:

Facilitate communications between patients and their healthcare providers.
Assist in identifying the right care providers that best meet patient’s needs, including second opinions, if necessary.

Scheduling Appointments:

• Accompany/Coordinate/Prepare patient for medical/surgical appointments.
• Arrange transportation for appointments if needed.

Support during hospitalization:

Onsite support for when family, friends and caregivers may not be available.

Health insurance mediation:

Understanding and applying for health insurance plans including Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plans and private insurance.

Medical billing resolution:

Review medical bills to ensure insurance is appropriately applied and processed and expedite appeals for denied coverage.


Assist in finding applicable co-pay assistance programs, delivery set-up, durable medical equipment vendors.

Identify available community services:

Help patients achieve and maintain the highest level of independence in their communities by connecting them community-based services, to avoid isolation.



Having an expert navigate the healthcare system.
Assistance of an expert at your fingertips so you can spend less time navigating the healthcare system and more time with your loved ones.
Having comprehensive knowledge of healthcare insurance coverage makes it possible for patients and caregivers to take full advantage of what is available to them.
Connect patients with services specific to their need.
Peace of mind when family, friends or caregivers are not available.

Denise Clarke

Founder & CEO

Why PWP?

Patience with Patients, LLC, is a remote healthcare consulting company, based in Central Brooklyn, offering personalized concierge service to residents of the New York City (NYC) area that need assistance with navigating the healthcare system. We believe that the patient is the center of healthcare and our goal is to assist and connect them with areas of service that ensure their voices and needs are heard and addressed.

Experience is a good teacher and with over 20 years experience within critical care outpatient hospital sector in some of the major health institutions in the New York City region and being a caregiver for over 6 years; Denise Clarke has identified that the average patient is overwhelmed with information, billing inquiries and the lack of empathy from healthcare professionals; when what they need is someone with, patience and understanding to advocate for them. Ms. Clarke, is a first American born of a Jamaican immigrant family. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. A graduate in Communications with a minor in Law from City College of NY-CUNY. This has given her an insight to the multicultural fabric of this city and an in-depth knowledge to identify where improvements can be made and the patient stress free.

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Business Support

NYC has put aside money towards small businesses. So, if you have been in business for at least 2 years and looking to do business with the City of New York, I also help with obtaining the NYS, NYC and Port Authority Minority Women Business Enterprise Certification (MWBE) and provide assistance with research and application of grants.

This is a very time consuming and documentation heavy application process and having done this for other companies, I can tell you that hiring someone else to do it is beneficial.

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