Mount your EAD10 on your floor tom to bass drum conversion with the Rim38

The Rim38 solves the problem of having to buy an extra rim and longer tension rods


Easy to install! Works great!



I got this snazzy lil’ adapter for my Manu Katche’ kit. I must say it was beautifully packaged and I can tell it was all custom. From the product itself [which was 3d printed] right down to the packaging and vinyl cut lettering. Needless to say I was impressed with such attention to detail and I let him know.
When I initially clamped on the adapter, I was hesitant because the clamp had nowhere to purchase it’s little claws onto the metal bass drum hoop as my bass drum heads’ metal hoop did not allow for any extra room for it to grab on to. Yet to my surprise it was actually the big screw itself that helped it stay on and keep it stable.
I also had little confidence that the adapter would lend itself to letting the small kick pickup the triggering as I thought it was a bit too far away from the bass drum head. Yet to my surprise it did. All I needed to do was to set my mic to “auto” then let the brain adjust itself to it’s new physical playing arrangement. I just want to thank Mark from “RIM38” for the product. I hope to use it for many years to come!

Chuck Suong


It works great! It’s solid and provides an attachment for smaller drums.

Aaron Kennedy


It worked out perfectly. I’ll definitely endorse this product.

Kazi McCoy


An EAD 10 is perfect for amplification on a small drumset in a small club. Your product is the only solution I know of to allow a 16" or 18" kick drum with standard rims to take advantage of the EAD10

Dave Parfitt


Once hooked up, everything worked perfectly!

Jeffrey Pijac


Attaching EAD was effortless and brought the feeling of delight as I realized what a great adapter the Rim38 is…and will be! The Rim38 is solid as ever. I even shifted it to the 10 O’clock position to see if it shifted, stayed firm.

William Vaughn

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