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Shain E. Thomas, born in Sacramento, California on Friday, 23 March 1973, lived in Falls Church, Virginia until 1975. Both of Shain's parents, Charles and Helen Thomas, retired from the military in 1975, relocated to Glasgow, Scotland. Shain attended a private boarding school.

In July 2011, Shain graduated from Richland College, a campus of the Dallas County Community College District, with an Associate in Arts.

During his time at Richland College, Shain completed The Honors College certifications for both the four and seven course levels of The Honors College program. In addition, Shain also completed both the 30 and 40 hour levels of the Service Learning Program.

In May 2014, Shain graduated from UNT with a Bachelor of Science in Integrative Studies. The main focus of this degree was geography, history, and political science. After taking the Fall 2012 semester off, Shain transferred from TCU to University of North Texas.

Shain, in August 2014, attended the first course in what will help him attain a Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. Shain graduated in Dec. 2016.

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