SOS Emergency Response Access is required by most city ones the state of Florida.

This new entry will allow emergency vehicles to gain entry to the neighborhood without an opener, and without having to stop at the keypad to enter a code.

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SOS Silent (RFID Sensor)

The SOS-Silent is used in municipalities that are requiring it. It is a dual system that allows emergency vehicles to open the gate with the RFID tag mounted on the their vehicle. If they do not have a tag they can open the gates with their siren.

Gate Trigger (RFID Sensor)

The SOS GateTrigger is a dual system. It will open a gate for an emergency vehicles siren and it will open to RFID tags. The tags are used by the home owner, employees or trucks. The range for the RFID tags is adjustable up to 600 feet


This sensor is the latest update to the original SOS Sensor. Manufacturers 5-year warranty and NEMA 4 enclosure. More protection for the sensor and faster detection with the improved circuit board. This unit also allow for the add on of a remote microphone.




Engineering (Development) and Plan Review

Engineering plan review services include the review and approval of new construction buildings, access, and water supply systems for subdivisions and new buildings, tenant improvement in existing commercial buildings, new Fire, EMS, and Police Requirements.

Permit Application is experienced with the local jurisdictions and permit process. We have an in-house team of permit expediters ready to get you thru all the necessary steps of permits required. In the form of electronic or paper plans/documents with each construction permit application. Construction documents shall be drawn to scale and be of such clarity to indicate the location, nature and extent of the work (scope) proposed and show in detail that it will conform to the provisions of the fire code and relevant laws, ordinances, rules and regulations.




Our local Manufacturer Certified Technicians can install SOS sensors on any new or existing Gate, Door, or Automated Opening. A

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