It is a place where everyone is embraced, encouraged, and accepted. If you feel HHelpless, Outsider, Overwhelmed, and Damaged, here is your safe place to read, learn and reflect.
It is where everyone can come together. Every teenager around the globe can read, feel safe to discover, understand and share their own feelings, fears, and uncertainties regarding the world we live in.

Equipped with fun activities, videos, good humor, games, and more, this book is for you to read while eating a bag of snacks and enjoy it. Proceed with no caution!

Why did I write this book?

As a child, I was born into a world where I felt Helpless, Outsider, Overwhelmed, and Damaged all the time. Growing up in a rough part of South-Central Los Angeles, I always felt helpless, overlooked and society didn’t care about me. I was adopted when my parents were 46. Without siblings, I used to spend every afternoon in my room, feeling overwhelmed and lonely for the most part. Not only that!

Born with a bone disease in my knees, I was always in pain. Later I was told I could never play sports, and I would never be able to be a successful basketball player. I know what it’s like to be in the HOOD mentally and physically. I know what it is like to feel damaged and an outsider.

Do you think I was okay? No, I was not! But do you know how I am here today? Because someone believed in me.

That is why this book is here today, to help one, two, or millions of teenagers that may be struggling with their own challenges, their own questions.

And you know what? I believe in you!

What's in the book?

  • Identify symptoms, feelings, and fears.
  •  Strategies to overcome challenges and emotions while nobody believes in you.
  •  Learn how to believe in yourself.

Learn more about yourself and how your habits can contribute to your present and future life.

  •  How to survive the #stayhome days and learn new ways to keep your social interaction with your friends, your community.
  • Learn how to increase your resilience skills and how to have sympathy for others.
  • How can you seek help for yourself, your family, or your friends?
  • Parents can learn how to help themselves and their teenage kids during tough times.
Learn how to build a stronger mindset to plan for what’s next in your life.

Oh, and don’t forget about the fun activities, videos, games, and more. Also, as a former B-Ball player, I set up a little game through the content of this book, where you will find some slangs and basketball terms that will be all over the book. Take notes and see if you recognize one, some, or all of them.

Who is it for?

This book is for every teenager around the globe going (or not) through rough times. It can help you, a friend, or someone you know in the community that may be struggling with fear, feelings, and uncertainties.

Also, the Schools and Parents can use it as a resource, guide, and valuable source of information to help the kids open up, learn more and feel better about themselves.


Through the book, you will find a 1-hour worth of video content in the Hood TV, all free access with honesty, open and candid conversations about how my experiences in life shaped who I’m today.

Like me, I want to teach teenagers how they don’t need to be defined by the place they live or what they were told they can or cannot do. I will openly share how I left an unsafe, not-so-great life that was prospected to me, and I thrived on being a better person and following my dreams.

If you follow the 1-hour worth of video content in Hood TV and the exercises, the results would be what?????

You will empower yourself with hope and energy to believe in yourself and follow your own path, your dreams. I believe in you!

About the Author

Believing in human evolution, Eric Bailey has devoted himself to speaking to over 4.5 million people in over 13 countries for the past 30 years.

Working around the globe, Eric Bailey is well-known as one of the world's top Motivational Speakers, currently living in Australia. He is passionate about helping people, coaching them on evolving their abilities, focusing on their motivation, self-esteem, leadership, resilience, and overall wellbeing.

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