Building Airport or Airline technology solutions?

Our team has extensive Air Transport Industry (ATI) technology experience – flexible team assignment, to design, build or maintain ATI Technology solutions

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What we do:

We provide “best-fit” nearshore technology teams to help design, build and maintain ATI technology solutions.

One of the biggest areas of concern when we talk to our clients when considering bringing on an outside team is how to do so in a way that minimizes disruption and that quickly maximizes productivity. We assemble nearshore tech teams that can “hit the ground running”, minimizing, as much as possible, ramp-up time, knowledge transfer and integration with your existing teams.

Our “best-fit” methodology takes into consideration the following criteria:

Technology stack knowledge

Domain knowledge

Language/ communication skills

Cultural fit

Special focus areas include:

Transportation and Logistics

(Airport/Airline, Ground Transport/Traffic Management)


sports marketing, team/player/fan and venue management


Specialty Teams

These areas are those where we are most active, however we have built teams for other domains and industries for client’s specific technology and business requirements. We can also build and train specialty teams based on specific technologies or platforms to help create, maintain or support technology solutions.

Since 1992 we have been building, developing, and assigning nearshore technology teams to meet diverse requirements globally working with our clients to build game-changing solutions.

With our nearshore experience and reach, we will build a team that meets your specific technology and business requirements.

* Teams can be trained, built, assigned based on specific platform/technology requirements

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