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Nearshore Technology Teams

Under a flexible model allowing you to modify team sizes and technology skills mix quickly and efficiently to meet changing business needs.


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Building Tech Teams - There is an Easier Way

There is an Easier Way If you need staff augmentation, staff integration or project-based staffing, we can provide a solution to meet your specific needs. A team can be from 1 person – up to 10. Not sure what the best fit is – or what model might be a better option? Let’s discuss that, and more than likely, we can build a solution to meet your needs.

Team Integration

Our teams integrate into, and become part of, your teams for ongoing solution development, maintenance and support


Need a managed services team that integrates into, and become an extension of your team? We can custom-build it


The hybrid team model allows you to build a team on a project basis (to build an MVP for example) and later change to a team integration model based on your needs beyond the initial project

We have been building nearshore technology teams since 1992.

We started doing this in Latin America, so we understand the technology eco-systems, cultures and educational systems that help develop talented professionals throughout the region.


Dennis Bruce

Dennis has been building and managing nearshore technology teams, primarily in Argentina, since 1992, first in country for 10+ years then as founder of Tangonet Solutions, where he brought his expertise in building nearshore teams to serve the North American market

Bernie Igarzabal

Bernie has over 25 years experience in building and managing the rollout of advanced technology solutions. At heart Bernie is a true technologist with extensive experience in building state of the art solutions as well as tech teams





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