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Welcome to The Paragon Building Company!

We are a full service, custom home builder headquartered in Mid-Michigan. Contact us today to learn how easy we make the process of building the home of your dreams! NO construction loan required! We will purchase your desired land & build your custom home with only $10k down! Come experience "The Paragon difference!"

Building Homes That Exceed Expectations

Are you dreaming of a home that perfectly captures your vision, reflects your unique style, and meets your every desire? Look no further than The Paragon Building Company, your premier choice for custom home construction. With our unwavering commitment to quality, attention to detail, and seamless process, we bring your dream home to life, making the journey as effortless as possible.

Why Choose Us?

Full-Service Custom Home Builder:

Paragon Building Company offers comprehensive services throughout the entire home-building process. From the initial design and planning stages to the final construction and finishing touches, we handle all aspects of the project. This ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for our clients.

Attention to Detail:

Paragon is known for our meticulous attention to detail. We understand that a custom home should reflect the unique vision and preferences of the homeowner. By carefully listening to Our clients' desires and incorporating their ideas, Paragon ensures that every aspect of the home is tailored to meet their specific needs.

Streamlined Process:

Building a custom home can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor. However, Paragon aims to simplify the process for our clients. We have established efficient procedures and have a team of experienced professionals who can navigate the challenges of construction, ensuring that the project stays on track and is completed within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Financing Options:

Paragon offers an attractive financing option for our clients.We eliminate the need for a construction loan by purchasing the desired land and building the custom home with only a $10,000 down payment from the client. This feature makes the process more accessible and less financially burdensome for those looking to build their dream home.

Reputation and Experience:

The Paragon Building Company has a strong reputation in the industry, backed by years of experience. Our portfolio showcases a wide range of successful custom home projects, demonstrating our expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality craftsmanship.

Client Satisfaction:

Paragon values client satisfaction above all else. We prioritize open communication, transparency, and collaboration throughout the construction process. By fostering a strong relationship with our clients, Paragon ensures that their expectations are met and exceeded, resulting in homes that truly reflect our clients' dreams and aspirations.

Contact Us

At The Paragon Building Company, we believe that your dream home is within reach. Let us guide you through the process, from conceptualization to construction, and deliver a home that surpasses your expectations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can turn your vision into a reality.

The Paragon Building Company
317 S Elm St. Suite 206
Owosso, MI 48867

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